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The 3-Step Poker Warm Up Routine

Most people have an off day—a day with hesitation and second-guessing every move they make. Days like that are natural, being a successful poker player, and we are only human after all, so it is only logical not to expect to operate at peak performance at all times. That being said, steps can be taken to ensure that we play close to our best most of the time. One of those steps is to create and implement a warm-up routine. A poker warm-up routine must accomplish three fundamental goals:

  • Eliminate distractions
  • Help reflect on what you have learned recently
  • Steady your mental state

Eliminate Distractions

Poker is a complicated game and hence demands the player’s complete attention. Isolating yourself from distractions is absolutely necessary if you need to maximize the win-rate. Given below are some of the ways to go about it.

  • Take short breaks from time to time, but not so much as to abruptly pause right in the middle of a session and upset the flow of the game.
  • Put the phone away. Although there is no need to turn it off, make sure that your phone is out of sight so that it does not constantly distract you with messages and notifications.
  • Sign out of social media. There is no need to check your news feeds and chatting with friends while playing.
  • Do not play on an empty stomach, as it can cloud your judgement.
  • Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is vital for keeping the brain operating at maximum efficiency. Having lots of water nearby means that you would not have to get up to get some during the game.


Studying is essential for success at poker. Dedicate an hour to studying every two hours spent playing. However, studying is of no point if what you’ve learned is not applied at the right time. So, make sure all that you have studied is fresh in mind by spending a little time reflecting on it before playing. The best way to accomplish this is by applying what you have learned to scenarios you have actually experienced. You might discover that all you need to do is make a slight adjustment to your playstyle to get better.

Steady Your Mental State

Mental State

Your mental state is of the utmost importance when it comes to If you feel tired, it might be a good idea to take a nap or wait till tomorrow since poker is emotionally challenging enough without all the emotional baggage. Take some time to address what is troubling you before playing. Even while feeling fine and healthy, it is essential to take a few minutes to enter a neutral state of mind and do something relaxing before playing, like listen to music, meditate, etc. Even a short period of relaxation might help mentally prepare for a variance.


Poker Strategies That Can Help Win Most Of The Time

Here are some tactics and strategies that can make you much more confident as well as a profitable poker player. These tips might not teach you how to win at every time but can help you improve, whether playing cash games, in live poker rooms, online or tournaments.

Play Lesser Number Of Hands And Do So Aggressively

There is a limit to how many starting hands can be played before a flop in No-Limit Texas Hold’em, even for the best players in the world. If trying to play too many hands, it is possible to bleed your money away. Developing an excellent pre-flop poker strategy is the fastest and easiest way to improve your bottom line. However, while developing such ranges is relatively easy to do, having the discipline to stick to them is quite challenging indeed. Try not to be impatient and play a hand that is not worth playing.

Do Not Limp If You Are The First Player

Limping, or simply calling the big blind pre-flop, should be avoided if you are the first player to enter a pot. There are two reasons why this play should be avoided:

  • You cannot win the pot like you could have before the flop, even if you raise.
  • You give the entailing players enticing pot odds, making it likely for you to face multiple players and hence less likely to win the pot.

The only situation in which it is acceptable to limp is when one other player has already limped. This is known as over-limping and can be a good play since you will get better pot odds to join the action. Hence, you can hit something good on the flop if luck favours you.


Semi-Bluff Aggressively with Your Draws

Bluffing effectively is the best way to crush your opponents at the game. However, bluffing ineffectively is one of the quickest ways to lose money at the table. So, it is crucial to keep the bluffing frequency under control. The best way to bluff is to bluff with hands which have outs to improve the best hand on another street later on, like flush draws, straight draws, or even an overcard or two to the board.

Fast-Play Strong Hands to Build the Pot and Make More Money

Slow-playing too often when the player has strong poker hands is a mistake common among players afraid of chasing other players out of the pot. It is best to bet the strong hands to build the pot and protect the equity in most cases. This is not to say it is always a good idea to bet/raise your strong hands post-flop. Check your strong hands if:

  • It is unlikely you will be outdrawn.
  • There are not many scare cards to prevent you from winning money on later streets.
  • The range of the opponent is heavily weighted on hands with no showdown value.

Poker: An Amazing Game That Is A Skill

There is a population of people who actually think that poker is a real skill. I feel that poker is definitely a game that belongs where gambling happens, which would be in a luxurious casino. Rightfully so, there are so many poker tables in any given casino, at any given time. Poker games in bachelor parties are definitely a prevalent event. You should also know that it is a very well known game that is played almost everywhere. That is why, people absolutely love it, and they have it everywhere.


Poker is definitely something that has proven to be a game that requires some amount of skill. You cannot exactly walk into a casino, start playing poker, and expect to be good at it. If you are somebody who is not well-versed with how casino games work, I suggest you stick to slot machines. There is a gigantic population of people that believe that luck elements do play a huge chance in the game of poker. There are a lot of disagreements when it comes to the topic of luck in poker. Professional poker players have actually learned to mitigate the complete aspect of luck by consistently making all kinds of mathematical decisions which are required to play the game in the long run. You should also know that poker is a game that is played against a group of people. It can we played against your friends, foes, family members and anybody in the casino. Then again if you really want to play a casino game alone without anyone joining in, you should try slot online that available everywhere on every platform.

Anybody who is well-versed with the world of casinos, understands that the house always wins. This is a very common line from a lot of popular movies. Well, the Las Vegas skyline is something that will make you happy, if you are a frequent gambler. The casinos there will have no end to poker. Most of the Las Vegas casinos have hundreds of poker tables which are almost always full. Since you are playing the game against people you do not know, you may end up making a lot of mistakes, and they may be profiting from that. That is why I suggest, you play the game with people you know, so that you can make educated guesses when it comes to their moves.


It all completely depends on how well you capitalise on all of the mistakes of your fellow players. You need to make sure that you get more money in the game, when compared to how much money you are losing. You need to have a statistical advantage. Bluffing is something that you should consider, and that would be because it is a huge part of the game. Since you’re dealing with real people, you need to be able to analyse their expressions. That is why, I feel that you need a lot of skill to play the game of poker.