UB and Absolute Poker Sack Pros

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The two online poker sites that have been affected the most by the Black Friday, UB Poker and Absolute Poker and the company behind both brands, Blanca Games have recently announced they had to lay off all of their team pro members. The contracts of ten team UB players and one representing Absolute Poker have been terminated by Blanca Games. “We are truly saddened that circumstances have dictated this course of action, and we regret that we are no longer in a position to partner with our sponsored pros, or to provide them with a source of income for playing the game that they love,” said Blanca Games in their statement.

The list of sacked poker pros includes the full UB Poker team: Joe Sebok, Prahlad Friedman, Eric "Basebaldy" Baldwin, Maria Ho, Brandon Cantu, Tiffany Michelle, Scott Ian, "Hollywood" Dave Stann, Adam "Roothlus" Levy and Bryan Devonshire, plus the only pro to have represented Absolute Poker, Trishelle Cannatella.

The announcement continued to explain that “these actions are the result of the severe impact of Black Friday on the business, and these efficiency measures have negatively affected not only the financial position of the brands, but also their staff and personnel. Regrettably, the negative effect of Black Friday has extended to the Company’s highest profile group of poker professionals, known as Team UB. Consequently, Blanca’s executive management team today informed its roster of sponsored pros that, in accordance with the provisions of their agreements, their contracts have been terminated. Each of the ten Team UB pros, plus one player representing Absolute Poker, has received personal notification that their sponsorship arrangement with Blanca’s respective online poker room is now invalid."

The cutbacks are of course the consequence of Black Friday during which the U.S. Department of Justice had seized the domains of four of the world's largest online poker sites including UB.com and Absolute Poker. DOJ had also interfered with the company's accounts which resulted in U.S. players not being able to withdraw their funds from the sites.

Hard times called for drastic measures at Blanca Games which is why we will no longer see some of the most prominent poker players neither wearing UB and Absolute patches nor will they be available for playing and observation online. NeverwinPoker is especially saddened by the fact that two for our most favorite poker chicks, Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho will have to look for new jobs.

However, the good news is that like most of the former US-friendly poker sites UB and Absolute will now switch their focus to the non-US markets and will hopefully follow the footstesp of Bodog Poker and sign some new hot poker babes to the team (we know there are a lot of hot female players in Europe and Asia). Guess we'll just have to wait and see how this turns out.

Meanwhile, take a look at some hot photos of now ex-UB Poker pros Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho, enjoy!