Everyone knows that poker is a game played with cards. Everyone also knows that Texas Hold’em has taken the word poker and catapulted it into the number 1 choice of what people are looking for when they sign into an online poker site and when they walk into a casino poker room.

Texas Hold’em originally started in Texas, or at least the Texans have staked their claim since it originated in Robstown Texas in the early 1900’s. No Limit Texas Hold’em was quite popular in private road games across the US but not commonly found in most casinos, except during big poker tournaments, while limit Texas Hold’em was found in almost all casinos. The World Series of Poker main event, in 1970, could hold claim to the beginning of the No Limit Texas Hold’em era.

What really brought Texas Hold’em to the forefront of poker game choices was the birth of online poker in the late 90’s where it was the only game available for the first few years. Texas Hold’em is a very easy game to learn and sitting in at an online poker table makes it even easier to learn since the game prompts take you through all of the action:

  • The game begins with two or more players, up to 9 or 10 depending on the site/casino, and the hand starts with the posting of two blinds.
  • The blinds begin in front of the Dealer Button; the first player posts the small blind (usually the amount is half of the big blind), and the second player posts a big blind. The size of the blinds are designated by the table limit a poker player chooses. Those two blinds are the beginning of the action at the table.
  • Each player has three options, to call the big blind, to raise, or to fold.
  • After each player has acted and the action returns to the players that posted the blinds, the small blind has the option of completing his small blind to match the big blind, raising, or folding. The big blind player has the option of checking or raising. *Note: The only time you can raise your own bet in poker is when you are in one of the blind positions.*
  • Three cards are placed face up on the table (the Flop) and each player uses these community cards with their two hole cards. The first player in front of the Dealer Button is first to act and has the option to check or bet. All players may check but once there is a bet, all the remaining players must call, fold, or raise.
  • A fourth card is placed face up on the table (Fourth Street or The Turn) and the action proceeds as above; the only difference in the betting limit takes place on this card - in a Limit Hold’em game, the small bet limit was in effect on the first two betting rounds and now the big bet limit is in effect through the remainder of the hand. In No Limit Texas Hold’em, any player may bet their entire chip stack (all-in) anytime the action comes to them.
  • A fifth card is placed face up on the table (Fifth Street or The River) and the action continues as above.
  • The best five cards win the pot, whether it is two from the player’s hand and three from the table, or one from the player’s hand and four from the table, or all five table cards (in that event, anyone holding cards would split the pot).

In 2002 when the World Poker Tour brought the hole card camera into play and began televising events that showed the everyday player winning large amounts of money and reaching world acclaim playing Texas Hold’em, the words “No Limit Texas Hold’em” became the standard language when anyone talked poker. Although poker was enjoyed by millions, it truly did not step out into the light of being socially acceptable until it became a TV sport and once it did, it was again No Limit Texas Hold’em that took the world by storm.

No Limit Hold’em became a shooting star that never burned out as its popularity climbed even higher when Chris Moneymaker took a $39 stab in a World Series of Poker satellite on PokerStars and launched it into his ticket to hold a spot in history forever as being the man that made online poker famous, and the words “No Limit Texas Hold’em” when he won the WSOP Main Event.

Texas Hold'em Poker RulesHere at NeverwinPoker, we believe the heart of a champion beats in everyone that plays poker, even a donkey. Once the first hand of poker is dealt, most players never walk away from the game, especially Texas Hold’em, and poker becomes a part of their life. Everyone wants to win and with that thought in mind, we give you the following links to aid you in finding the best deals and online poker sites, strategy articles to help improve your game, texas holdem poker rules to keep you informed, and our poker glossary to provide poker definitions.






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