Sunday Poker Report 08/15: David Williams Shines with Second Chance Victory

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For many players, August 15 was a typical Sunday with its usual offerings of online poker tournaments, but Full Tilt Poker players found two of their longtime regulars - the Sunday Brawl and the $750K Guarantee - on hiatus for the second week in a row due to FTOPS XVII opportunities. It was the last day of the popular Full Tilt semi-annual series, and with several million dollars up for grabs in those FTOPS events, the two regulars took a rest again but are scheduled to return next week.

PokerStars boasted of its regular events this week, and stellar prize pools in several of the tournaments allowed players like Ansgar2000 to win more than $136K for the Sunday Warm-Up victory and blumenkind53 to grab more than $160K for the Sunday Million win. In fact, the top two finishers in the Warm-Up and top four in the Million all took home six-figure payouts. But the story of the week came in the wrap-up of the Sunday Second Chance event, where the winner was none other than Team PokerStars Pro David “dwilliams” Williams. In his first Sunday online as a team member, he won the Second Chance for almost $58K and made it clear that his sponsorship with the site was definitely a positive one.

For all of the Sunday results, scroll down.


Sunday Warm-Up
Guarantee: $750,000
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Players: 4,337
Prize pool: $867,400
Paid finishers: 630

1st place: Ansgar2000 ($136,079.62)
2nd place: hierki ($101,052.10)
3rd place: bigfr0g ($71,560.50)
4th place: Ramux ($49,008.10)
5th place: kittevajen ($36,864.50)
6th place: Al K. Holick ($28,190.50)
7th place: justpartime6 ($19,516.50)
8th place: Shamus888 ($10,842.50)
9th place: EndlessJ ($6,939.20)

Sunday 1/4 Million
Guarantee: $250,000
Buy-in: $10 + $1
Players: 29,547
Prize pool: $295,470
Paid finishers: 4,500

1st place: nielsoogbal ($26,613.80)
2nd place: The Borsh ($18,289.59)
3rd place: AdarcoA ($13,296.15)
4th place: FeltFiend11 ($10,341.45)
5th place: PokerThun ($7,386.75)
6th place: NiGhtlyFever ($4,432.05)
7th place: pituabe ($2,954.70)
8th place: $onntagskind ($2,216.02)
9th place: bewin_13508 ($1,477.35)

D.N.G. Sunday Special
Guarantee: $300,000
Buy-in: $50 + $5
Players: 6,705
Prize pool: $335,250
Paid finishers: 990

1st place: DaCus3 ($41,910.07)
2nd place: Reraiseallin ($28,429.20)
3rd place: Flotzka ($19,109.25)
4th place: Elia001 ($15,421.50)
5th place: Jottenn ($12,069.00)
6th place: SirSwish6 ($8,716.50)
7th place: 10IsTheYear ($5,866.87)
8th place: boboc791 ($3,855.37)
9th place: JaspudUF ($2,346.75)

Sunday Million
Guarantee: $1,500,000
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Players: 8,294
Prize pool: $1,658,800
Paid finishers: 1,260

1st place: blumenkind53 ($160,781.86)
2nd place: RAZZER777 ($168,720.26)
3rd place: YouHave2outs ($151,081.10)
4th place: The Pot SWE ($149,101.66)
5th place: D0CKENFL0P ($66,352.00)
6th place: lolriverdnky ($49,764.00)
7th place: Charlie Ivey ($33,176.00)
8th place: legreat00 ($18,246.80)
9th place: bogg ($12,855.70)

Sunday 500
Guarantee: $500,000
Buy-in: $500 + $30
Players: 1,150
Prize pool: $575,000
Paid finishers: 171

1st place: Sirocko ($97,750.00)
2nd place: ice320 ($71,875.00)
3rd place: tbl4653 ($54,567.50)
4th place: yadio ($39,100.00)
5th place: pbdrunks ($28,462.50)
6th place: KaraSmith ($22,712.50)
7th place: basebal1b ($16,962.50)
8th place: df1986 ($11,212.50)
9th place: ScHnibL0r ($6,210.00)

Sunday 2nd Chance
Guarantee: $250,000
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Players: 1,628
Prize pool: $325,600
Paid finishers: 198

1st place: dwilliams ($57,728.88)
2nd place: deoxyribo ($42,328.00)
3rd place: nadalon ($32,560.00)
4th place: Karan Radia ($24,420.00)
5th place: -DrawingDad- ($17,094.00)
6th place: iowrus ($13,838.00)
7th place: sizzlinbetta ($10,582.00)
8th place: adametes ($7,326.00)
9th place: arodss3 ($4,558.40)

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday Brawl
It was the second week running that the Full Tilt Online Poker Series prompted the removal of the Brawl from the regular Sunday lineup, as the opportunities available to FTOPS players were more enticing than the usual Sunday offering. But it was also the last day of the tournament series, meaning the Brawl was set to return next Sunday to its regular spot on the schedule.

$750,000 Guarantee
For the second week straight, the $750K Guarantee was put on hold to make room for players to compete in FTOPS XVII, as it was the final night of the series with several offerings including the Main Event. But fans of the big guarantee could count on its return to the usual time next week, after FTOPS becomes a memory and players get back to their regular Sunday schedules.

The Sunday Mulligan
Guarantee: $200,000
Buy-in: $200 + $16
Players: 1,610
Prize pool: $322,000
Paid finishers: 162

1st place: oldschool043 ($59,424.43)
2nd place: m_hawk_1 ($53,597.57)
3rd place: kdj07 ($32,522.00)
4th place: becomelegendary ($25,760.00)
5th place: merlin231 ($19,320.00)
6th place: Thibavol ($13,846.00)
7th place: brin1285 ($9,016.00)
8th place: AD_84 ($6,440.00)
9th place: Yettiman ($4,508.00)

$200K Double Deuce
Guarantee: $200,000
Buy-in: $20 + $2
Players: 9,761
Prize pool: $200,000
Paid finishers: 1,350

1st place: FOBMPOS ($29,000.00)
2nd place: LebanonJon ($23,000.00)
3rd place: Ur3OutsRGolden ($14,800.00)
4th place: M CORLEONE ($10,640.00)
5th place: A1degen ($7,800.00)
6th place: thatsme27 ($5,600.00)
7th place: FckMyLifeObv ($4,000.00)
8th place: smw85 ($2,860.00)
9th place: TheGrinders ($2,022.00)

UB Poker

$200K Guaranteed
Guarantee: $200,000
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Players: 1,053
Prize pool: $210,600
Paid finishers: 99

1st place: MARAHAJA1928 ($47,026.98)
2nd place: RDCRSN ($28,115.10)
3rd place: ERIK WRIGHT ($19,059.30)
4th place: ESKOTEIRO ($13,583.70)
5th place: MACHIAVILIAN ($11,477.70)
6th place: MOSSIFIED84 ($9,371.70)
7th place: MISSOUKAJOE ($7,265.70)
8th place: FILKGB1181 ($5,159.70)
9th place: MCLEGEND ($3,580.20)


$100K Guaranteed
Guarantee: $100,000
Buy-in: $150 + $12
Players: 635
Prize pool: $100,000
Paid finishers: 90

1st place: Rataveli ($23,600.00)
2nd place: FortKnoxx ($13,600.00)
3rd place: graytambar ($9,100.00)
4th place: jagov21 ($7,000.00)
5th place: Kevin Blackwood ($5,700.00)
6th place: Big Daddy Rocks ($4,500.00)
7th place: kogoj ($3,300.00)
8th place: OGHowie ($2,200.00)
9th place: Husulah707 ($1,300.00)