Strip poker games to play for free with hottest girls

If you like poker and enjoy getting naked, this is probably the game for you. It’s pretty simple really – the basic idea is that the loser has to remove items of clothing instead of giving you their chips. Don’t play this game with your kids. Or grandparents. Or in public.

Different ways to play

1. The easiest way of playing strip poker is to use one of the draw versions of the game where players don't bet, just draw the cards and then end with the showdown. One player with the worst card combination removes a part of their clothing. Another way is for every player except the one with the best hand to take something off.

2. However, if you like betting and would like to keep that part in the game you can replace chips with combinations of truth, dare and removing your clothes (see instructions below).

3. Still, if you would like to use your poker chip set in the game you could use some of them and then in case one of the players runs out of chips, they would need to exchange a part of their clothing into more chips. Although this may take more time than the other variations it is preferable if you have a long evening ahead of you.

4. You can even acquire a special deck of cards called “Intimate Poker”. It's much like your regular cad deck, only it features a number of forfeits on every card. When the hand is over, the loser draws a card from the winner's hand and has to perform a certain forfeit depending on how many times the pot was raised during the game. Some forfeits require players to remove their clothing.

5. Another way to enjoy playing strip poker is doing it online. Internet is full of online strip poker games and their variations which allow players to experience a wide range of strip poker games and choose their favorite ones.

strip poker

Strip Poker Game Rules

Betting Strip Poker: if you insist on keeping the bets while playing strip poker you can do that. Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Five Card Stud or any other betting poker variation can be used in this case. However, in this game you can change your regular betting items – chips with those that suits the game more – truth, dare and clothes.

The hand starts with the dealer choosing the game and then dealing the cards. The first player on the dealer's left (in case the game rules require otherwise) makes the first bet. Before that all players place their Antes (Truth) so the first one to bet can either check or raise. Each player is free to fold at any time, however, they then need to pay their debts. When the hand is over, the winning player gets to decide on the truth and dare challenges for the loosing players while the clothing bets are sorted out by those who lost the strip bets themselves.

The Stakes (in order of their betting value):

Truth: You know what you have to do – truth or dare? If you choose “truth” your answer to the winner's question has to be true no matter what you are asked. Usually (and we are talking about playing strip poker) these questions are about your sex life or include something that might be embarrassing.

Dare: Should you bet “dare” while playing strip poker you should be ready to do something stupid or extreme in case you loose. Again, the “dares” are assigned by the winner of the hand, however, there is a possible chance that the player to bet the “dare” would refuse to do what they are told to by the winner. Luckily there is an alternative – as drinks are common while playing it (to reduce the tension and loosen up), the one to refuse the “dare” should be obliged to drink a shot or two. If alcohol is absent at your table, an alternate task for the “dare” can be agreed upon before the game.

Clothes: This is the most simple bet – the one to bet their clothes and loose the hand must remove a part of their clothing. The looser is free to choose which article to take off. The player to loose all of their clothes, but insisting on playing further can only bet truths and dares. No clothing that's been taken off can be put back on.

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  • Strip Poker Rules – Perhaps the most amusing game of poker. If you enjoy poker and love fun challenges, strip poker is the game for you.

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