Attention NWP members! (Yes we do mean members)

attention poker
0 0 votes is a fully uncensored poker forum (almost), where all inane ramblings, gossip, unrecognized stories, deep thoughts, rants, social commentaries, and meaningless insights on real and imagined poker scandals are not only accepted, but welcomed. What does this mean to you? Where else in this world can you write your sick, degenerate thoughts and actually have an audience? And you don't even have to pay us! That's right - you have free reign and front page access at NWP. Obviously you enjoy expressing the foul workings of your mind in the forum, but most of you have not yet tapped the uncharted territory of front page blogging. Get in there and write in the news and blog sections, dummies. This is your place to sound off uninterrupted! Be stupid, be smart, be offensive. Be yourself. Thousands will read it. You may never know the lives you touched, the strangers you offended! How do I write a news story or blog entry, you ask? 1. Login to your account. 2. Click “NEW STORY ENTRY” on the left menu - or just use this link: 3. Fill in the title, body and attach an image if you like. Select the category. 4. Click “SUBMIT” and wait for confirmation from an NWP moderator. Soon you will see your slop on the front page!! OK GO!

God damn you faggots are

God damn you faggots are stupid

ADMINS NOTE: real spam will

ADMINS NOTE: real spam will be deleted!!!

volia!... lets write some

volia!... lets write some UFO poker scams baby!!!