Report: Clonie Gowen Suing Full Tilt Poker

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It is unverified as of right now, but we have received reports that Clonie Gowen, a top-tier "red pro" at Full Tilt Poker, is suing the online poker giant for a contract-related matter.  She supposedly filed suit on Friday.

More on this shortly.


In the complaint, she alleges the following ---

In 2004, Clonie was offered (and accepted) 1% ownership of Tiltware and FTP in exchange for being a celebrity representative...

Has worn FTP merchandise and promoted FTP in exchange for that ownership interest (no other compensation)...

In May 2007, all Team FTP members received distribution checks but her...she demanded distribution owed to her, refused...

Nov 6, 2007, Lederer offered to pay her $250k for her past performance on behalf of company, she refused cuz only fraction of what was owed to her...

Clonie estimates company worth $4 billion...

Despite not being paid, continued to work and promote company until November 11, 2008, when she was informed that FTP would issue a press statement informing public she was no longer a Team FT Pro...

Still has not been given reason all other Team FT pros given distribution but her...

Claims against all defendants:

1. Breach of Contract --- claiming damages of $40 million...
2. Breach of Fiduciary Duties
3. Breach of Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
4. Unjust Enrichment

5. Fraud/Intentional Misrepresentation (alleges Bitar contacted her in 2004 and told her they wanted her to be "the FTP female pro"...then in May 2004, attended meeting at Golden Nugget in Ivey's Suite...majority of Team FT was there, and Lederer led the meeting...He informed group that their ownership interests were not only in FTP but also in Tiltware, and Tiltware would charge FTP a high leasing fee.

That's pretty much the substance of the complaint. It was just filed yesterday, so nothing else has really been filed.


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