PokerStars Sunday Ends in Chop, Four Six-Figure Payouts in Sunday Million

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PokerStars Sunday Ends in Chop, Four Six-Figure Payouts in Sunday Million By Jennifer Newell The Sunday majors on PokerStars all ran on a later schedule on March 8 because of the United States players having to deal with Daylight Savings Time. PokerStars realized that many of their players lost an hour the night before and began all of the major tournaments an hour later than usual to compensate. Even so, numbers were down for the week, though every tournament still eclipsed its respective guarantee. Starting with the Sunday Two Hundred Grand, the number of entrants was a bit lower than had been seen in some time, coming in at 299,999. But that still created a prize pool of $299,990, quite a bit over the $200K guarantee. Ultimately, it was marzello who took down the tournament and took home $28,499.06 for the accomplishment. The Sunday 500 was also down in attendance a bit, but 1,004 players still competed in the $500 buy-in event to create a prize pool of $502,000. And as was the case last week, several big names ended up at the final table - ckingusc ended in eighth place and BodogAri in fifth. But jdepa01fcp took the first prize of $91,615 for outlasting them all. The Sunday Warm-Up found a total of 4,223 players in the field, which again smashed the $750K guarantee with a prize pool of $844,600. The final 630 survivors received apportioned pieces of that money, but the final nine players were looking to score big. Ultimately, it was viksha and grebnrets86 who ended up as the last two players standing, with viksha holding more than 36 million chips and grebnrets86 looking to do something with less than 6 million. The short stack tried it after a board of tc 4d ks 4c 3h, pushing on a 7c 6c bluff, but viksha was there with a hand to call. The qh th won the pot and the tournament, which was worth a substantial $108,953.40 prize. Final payouts for the final table participants were as follows: 1st place: viksha $108,953.40 2nd place: grebnrets86 $76,014.00 3rd place: Brughtality $50,676.00 4th place: flex212derde $42,230.00 5th place: miw700 $33,784.00 6th place: cobusie $25,338.00 7th place: homner $16,892.00 8th place: LunchTime645 $10,557.50 9th place: 00psiedaisy $6,841.26 Last to be completed on the second Sunday in March was the always popular Sunday Million. The number of entrants topped off at 8,118, which again surpassed the $1.5 million guaranteed by creating a $1,623,600 prize pool to be split appropriately among the final 1170 finishers. The final table ended up starting officially with only eight players, as during hand-for-hand play, the tenth and ninth place finishers were discovered on the same hand. That left the final eight boasting of one quite popular online player, Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet. Though he was able to stay alive while 1stAir left in eighth, George2Loose was ousted in seventh, and ferminaitor was eliminated in sixth, apestyles was finally taken out in fifth place. With four left, a chip-chop deal was made, ensuring all of them would receive more than $100K for making it that far. Once the deal was in place, kuzman89 left in fourth place and Kurschner in third. TheGoingRate went into heads-up action with four-to-one lead over steakstud, and it only took six hands for the tournament to end from that point. steakstud pushed with ac 7s after seeing the 7d jh qc jd board. But TheGoingRate called with qd 4h to win the hand and the tournament, which consisted of a $132,081.79 prize. All of the final table results were as follows: 1st place: TheGoingRate $132,081.79 2nd place: steakstud $127,661.43 3rd place: Kurschner $132,955.39 4th place: kuzman89 $105,097.14 5th place: apestyles $57,637.80 6th place: ferminaitor $41,401.80 7th place: George2Loose $28,413.00 8th place: 1stAir $18,671.40 9th place: Confused1 $11,365.20