Karl Hevroy Wins LAPT Uruguay Event

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By Jennifer Newell The first thing that happened at the Punta del Este stop on the PokerStars.com Latin American Poker Tour this week was the final table of the LAPT Mexico tournament from three months prior. But once those formalities were taken care of and a winner was determined, the LAPT Uruguay tournament got underway on Wednesday, March 18. It turns out it was worth the wait, as the field was filled to the gills with 327 players, so much so that beginning tables were going 11-handed and extra tables had to be set up in a different area of the Mantra Resort and Casino. Attendance was better than expected, as was the $1,110,200 prize pool, which would be properly distributed among the top 36 players in the event. There were many notable poker pros out in force for the event, including Josh and Helen Prager, Humberto and Alex Brenes, Max and Maria Stern, Dennis Phillips, Greg Raymer, Victor Ramdin, J.C. Alvarado, Andre Akkari, Veronica Dabul, Paul Magriel, and the newest Team PokerStars Pro Maria Mayrinck. But most of them never made it through the day, as only 64 players were left when it was over. Oliver Rowe sat in the chip lead with 136,000, but close behind was Alberto Andres Font Rytzner, followed by Angel Guillen, Ibuki Fukui, and Mario Salvagno. Day 2 began with the goal of reaching the final nine players, and the long day began with players like Alex Brenes and the last woman standing, Rosamelia Ferreira, leaving the field. When the money bubble approached, it was Alberto Araujo who pushed all-in with kd qs with the intention of doubling through Oliver Rowe and his 6c 3d, but Rowe got a three on the flop and another on the river to send Araujo out on the money bubble. That left Clemenceau Merheb Calixto to become the first to cash in the tournament, taking $7,220 for 36th place. Action continued and found the final few players fighting it out late in the evening for those final nine seats. Ultimately, with the elimination of Alejandro Bonanata in 11th place, more play found Rommer Prado all-in with ad jd all-in against the qs jh of Karl Hevroy. The board looked good for another double-up with tc ts 2h 7d, but the qd on the river eliminated Prado in tenth place with $18,320. That left the LAPT Punta del Este final table set for Friday, March 20th as follows: Karl Hevroy 1,079,000 Angel Guillen 572,000 Oliver Rowe 412,000 Alejandro de Arruaballena 397,000 Wandermar Cogo 263,000 Bolivar Palacios 167,000 Magno Aragao 153,000 Ron Wasiel 134,000 Andre Ventura 103,000 On the very first hand of the final table, Ventura took the opportunity to double through Guillen. A short time later, he tried to double again, this time with pocket jacks, but Rowe called with pocket queens. The board blanked with 9h 5h 2s kh 3d, and Andre Ventura was gone rather quickly in ninth place with $21,000. There were numerous double-ups that followed, like Palacios doubling through Cogo, Wasiel through Aragao two times, and Cogo doubling through Rowe. But Aragao had been truly hurt from Wasiel’s hands, and he finally pushed all-in to try it himself with pocket queens. Rowe and Hevroy called, but the ts 7c 5c flop prompted a bet from Rowe and fold from Hevroy. Rowe showed his jc td, but his status turned when the last two cards came 8h 9h for the straight. Magno Aragao was eliminated in eighth place with $26,640. Next to be all-in was Palacios, who did the deed with some good-looking pocket queens. But de Arruabarrena called with as ks for the race situation. The board was kind to Palacios with a 5d 4h 4s flop and 7c turn, but the kd on the river sent Bolivar Palacios to the rail in seventh place for his second tournament in a row, though this time the prize was $37,740 for it. Cogo had a roller coaster ride of a final table, looking for another double-up and succeeding through Guillen. But when he tried it again soon after with kh 3s, Rowe was there for the call with ks 7h. The board produced kc 5s 2d jd 4s, and Waldemar Cogo took a sixth place finish and the $48,840 that went with it. Two strong stacks and personalities then tangled, though it began innocently as Rowe and Hevroy took it easy before a js 9s 3h flop. Some betting brought a kd on the turn, at which point Hevroy decided it was time to move all-in with kc qh, knowing he had his opponent covered. Rowe made the all-in call with pocket threes. But the set was only good until the th came on the river to give Hevroy and straight and knock Rowe out in fifth place with $59,960. A short time later, Wasiel took a chance with his js 9c on a td ts 9s flop, but the ever-present Hevroy was there with pocket jacks. The 8c on the turn and 3c on the river changed nothing and eliminated Ron Wasiel in fourth place with $82,160. The next one was fairly quick and involved Guillen all-in preflop with ac jh. No one but Hevroy was there to call, this time with the worst hand of as tc. But the board somewhat predictably came qd ts 6c 6h 7d, and Hevroy ousted Angel Guillen in third place with $99,120. Heads-up play was set with the following counts, though the final two players headed off to a dinner break before engaging in the last battle of the night: Karl Hevroy 2,927,000 Alejandro de Arruabarrena 543,000 Upon their return, the determination of the winner took only one hand. The two players went to see a cheap flop of 9c 9d 8s. De Arruabarrena bet, and Hevroy check-called to head to the 4h on the turn. De Arruabarrena made another bet, but Hevroy check-raised all-in with 9h 8h. It was the nuts, and de Arruabarrena could only show qd js. The 4c on the river changed nothing, and Alejandro de Arruabarrena was forced to accept second place and the $155,420 that went with it. Karl Hevroy won the LAPT Uruguay at Punta del Este, along with the $283,500 first prize money. (Thanks to the PokerStars blog for live updates.)