Big PokerStars Sunday Topped by ckingusc Sunday Million Win

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By Jennifer Newell Another big-money Sunday on PokerStars brought more than 43,000 players to the four of the biggest online poker tournaments on the internet. More than $3.25 million was on the line for players, and with the Daylight Savings Time delays finally put to rest, the four majors got off on time. One change that became evident as soon as players went to look for the Sunday Two Hundred Grand tournament was that it had been renamed the Sunday 1/4 Million. PokerStars had seen the Sunday staple grow for quite a long time and surpass the $200K guarantee on a regular basis. Thus, the guarantee was pushed up to $250K and the Sunday $10 + $1 event renamed appropriately. That new Sunday 1/4 Million brought 29,883 players to the virtual felt and pushed the prize pool up to $298,830, still overstepping even the new guarantee. The final 4,270 survivors in the tournament took home a portion of the prize pool, but spohn25 was awarded $28,388.86 for winning the event. On the other end of the buy-in spectrum was the Sunday 500, which saw a slight decrease in the number of registrants, enough to actually cause the guarantee to be implemented. The 990 players made for less than the guarantee, so the prize pool was set, as promised by PokerStars, to $500K. The final 144 players got into that money, though most of it was reserved for final table players. As the tournament ran late into the night and early morning hours, Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron took third place, and after a lengthy heads-up battle, browry finally took second place, and Joey Capp made $91,250 for the first place finish. The Sunday Warm-Up actually saw a slight upswing in the number of players in the $200 + $15 tournament, as 4,353 players took their seats. That pushed the prize pool past the $750K guarantee to make it $870,600, which would be split according to the finishes of the final 630 players. Upon reaching the final table, two players looked poised to run it over. James “” Mackey trailed Buton77 in the chip counts, but it was the two of them who eliminated most of the players. Buton77 started it off by eliminating don_beppe in ninth place, and took over to send p5an out in eighth. grebnrets86 took over momentarily to eliminate Ar Schaflme in seventh and DeacNutt in sixth, but grebnrets86 was then sent home by in fifth place. also took out di_ponytale in fourth, and Buton77 did the honors of giving Quagmire the third place spot. Heads-up began with Buton77 holding a lead over, but the two exchanged the chip lead over the course of two-handed play. Finally, though, it was Buton77 ahead in chips when he and went to see a 8h as th flop. It was then that ended up all-in holding 9d 7h and Buton77 called with ts 6s. The 6d on the turn gave hope to with the straight, but the td on the river gave Buton77 the full house. Buton77 won the tournament, and all of the payouts were as follows: 1st place: Buton77 $112,307.40 2nd place: $78,354.00 3rd place: Quagmire $52,236.00 4th place: dj_ponytale $43,530.00 5th place: grebnrets86 $34,824.00 6th place: DeacNutt $26,118.00 7th place: Ar Schaflme $17,412.00 8th place: p5an $10,882.50 9th place: don_beppe $7,051.86 Finally, the world-renowned Sunday Million tournament was on tap, and though there was a decrease in the number of players, which came in under 8K for the first time in months, the 7,906-player field still swept past the $1.5 million guarantee for a $1,581,200 prize pool. That was set to be shared amongst the top 1,170 finishers, but again the final table would see the lion’s share of it. That final table began with bbs99 holding the chip lead, but he was followed closely by well-known player and 2008 WCOOP main event champion Carter “ckingusc” King. Action soon saw tpreston exiting in ninth place and Rabbiej in eighth, while bigsexyKN was ousted in seventh by ckingusc. 1GENERAL_TAO left in sixth place, followed by Liqqa in fifth. ckingusc took over the elimination duties again to send reef2287 out in fourth and bbs99 in third place. The heads-up battle was a solid one that began with ckingusc holding more than 18 million more chips than *xen. But *xen came back and took the chip lead by doubling through the young pro ckingusc, though the latter then put a stop to *xen’s run by doubling back through. With a 2-to-1 chip lead, ckingusc led going into the final hand with pocket jacks versus the pocket nines of *xen. The board came 2c 7h ks 8s jc, and ckingusc added another prestigious online poker title to his list of successes. All of the payouts were as follows: 1st place: ckingusc $193,697.00 2nd place: *xen $130,607.12 3rd place: bbs99 $88,547.20 4th place: reef2287 $71,944.60 5th place: Liqqa $56,132.60 6th place: 1GENERAL_TAO $40,320.60 7th place: bigsexyKN $27,671.00 8th place: Rabbiej $18,183.80 9th place: tpreston $11,068.40

well we know who the great

well we know who the great players are and the sunday warm-up with james mackey taking second, the guy is a consistent beast in online and live tournaments. The tough field of the sunday 500 brought another super star tourney player in Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron who took 3rd. The superstars obviously came out and owned this week in the big sundays on pokerstars with a nice score 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Maybe I can follow it up next win by taking down my first major Sunday with a Number 1!

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf