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So I was playing aguskb heads up 200-400 limit when all of a sudden our table froze. I told him I think we must be on the millionth hand milestone, which awards 22x pot+2xbb at 120% since I am a supernova. A host came in and said congratulations and then unpaused our game. I raised and aguskb immedaitely timed out and folded. The 7 seconds must have already been almost 0 so I took the pot of 300 and was awarded 10,560 and he was awarded 7000. I am certainly not going to complain about free money however it was still unfair that were not able to play the pot out. Our avg pot at the time was 1570 and they told us to email vipclub@pokerstars.com about the situation. Hopefully Stars will make a good decision and at least compensate us with something reasonable since we were unable to play the pot out which was no fault of ours but a stars software glitch. I emailed them and see what happens. Not sure what the fair solution is but we will see soon. Either way 10,560 free money was a nice little gift considering I play 95 percent of my poker on their site for the last 5 years! neverwin

You said you raised, but the

You said you raised, but the pot was only $300. How could it be $300 if you riased?

I was watching when it happened. I personally think it was handled correctly by Pokerstars. It's not their fault if a player times out. These are the risks one takes when playing online poker. Pokerstars had no other option. There's no way to determine how a hand will play out, without actually playing it out.