Dan Druff +EV Show is Back Tonight - Computer Security Edition

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So you've been doing well in online poker lately? Do your accounts show some nice balances that you're quite proud of? Great. Remember, though, that money is meaningless until it actually shows up in your bank account. If you lose it -- or more importantly, if it gets stolen -- it becomes completely worthless. Many millions of dollars have been stolen from online poker players over the years -- and not just in the recent AP/UB superuser scandals. Individuals have also lost money due to hackings, keyloggings, and "social engineering" tricks. Listen to tonight's Dan Druff +EV Show at 7pm PDT to learn how to keep your computer and poker accounts safe from those who want to steal from you. Also learn some great tips on preventing identity theft, and how to stop identity theft once it has occurred.

Druff,Thank you so much for


Thank you so much for continuing to keep this issue in the spotlight. As you well know, these criminals are so brazen in part because they believe that their crimes and lies will quickly fall out of public eye and that they will not be punished for their crimes. If their assumption holds true, the precedent that is set could do irreparable damage to online poker. Your hard work using your position in the poker community and your forum to highlight the AP and UB scandals is a great service to the poker community and is immensely appreciated.

If you can, please contact me some time today.