Dan Druff +EV Show postponed, but check out Wednesday's Cold Call show!

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I'm playing in today's $2000 NL event at the WSOP, so I won't be able to make tonight's Dan Druff +EV Show. While I might be unfortunate enough to go donkdown before 7:00, I figure it's just better to postpone the whole thing, especially because I'm going to be distracted by the Lakers in the Finals anyway. It will run again next week, provided I'm not playing again. In the meantime, go listen to our last show in the archives. It was a good show with a little bit of everything -- poker talk with a recent bracelet winner, old-school shenanigans with Vegas legend "Cowboy", and a greate Finklestein/Delanty call to the World Series of Poker. The show was nicely contained in 2 hours, so you don't even need to set aside an entire day to listen to the damn thing. Also read about it in the forums.