Something Sweet About Lynette Chan

Lynette Chan
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Lynette Chan is one of the best-known names among female poker players. Although she had never won a major tournament or even made it to the final table, she is still a respectable cash game player and a poker pro. Chan is also a member of a Full Tilt Poker team which means she can kick your ass at the online tables. If you'd like to see what Lynnete's game is worth, you can always get yourself a Full Tilt account (if you haven't already got one) and play one of the major daily tournaments which Lynette is known to play as well.

Chan was born in 1981 in Vancouver, Canada where at the age of 22 she started playing poker in the local casinos. She began with the small games, but quickly progressed into such level that the poker rooms in Vancouver could not maintain. Therefore Chan soon discovered the US biggest Las Vegas and Los Angeles casinos in which she is still a constant guest. Bellagio and Commerce Casino are her favorites as well as No-Limit Hold'em is her best game although she's also good at Pot-Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

At the 2006 World Series of Poker Lynette had signed a sponsorship deal with one of the leading online poker sites Full Tilt Poker and became a member of the site's pro team. Actually, it wasn't until she joined Full Tilt that Lynette Chan started playing poker online. Judging by this fact, Chan can be assigned to the old-school of poker players as an opposition to the young generation who start their carrier on the internet.

However, poker, although her primary occupation, is not Lynette's only passion. Before she became a poker pro Chan was a marketing executive for luxury car brands such as Ferrari and Mercedes (which she must have sold a lot with those legs). After switching her carrier from selling fast cars to playing poker Lynette latter confessed that her previous experience had helped her survive and even foothold in the game of men.

Being as hot as she is Lynette Chan is taking advantage of it by working as an actress and a model. Her pictures have appeared in a number of magazines and she even starred in a couple of movies. However, to Lynette these are just extra activities, her primary focus remains to be poker. She also enjoys playing golf which she does at least a few times a week and likes to keep in shape by practicing pilates, yoga and cardio work.

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