Shannon Elizabeth Voted the Most Desirable Poker Player for Sex

Shannon Elizabeth
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Doyle Brunson, or the Texas Dolly (TexDolly) as he's known on Twitter has recently pulled a vote aka a drinking game asking his 355,000 Twitter followers which poker player they would like to have sex with and which one they would like to kill? Another question was which poker player they would most like to hang out with? Thousands of people voted in just three days telling Doyle which of the players were their most desired sex partners.

The results were no big surprise with the women's top3 being lead by Shannon Elizabeth followed by Vanessa Russo and Jennifer Tilly leaving Liv Boeree just behind. In men's pole the most wanted was Gus Hansen, Patrick Antonius and Phil Ivey. Surprisingly, Jennifer Tilly appeared to have made both lists (must had something to to with Gina Gershon). The leader of the 'hang out' list was Phil Laak followed by Gavin Smith and Daniel Negranau. In the 'killing' section no one could beat Phil Helmuth who shared the top3 with Russ Hamilton and Tony G.

The 37-year old actress, model and a poker player was thrilled by the news, that she's the most wanted among poker players to have sex with and expressed all the excitement by posting 'Um..thanks?! :)' on her Twitter page. The story went further with Gambling911 making a conclusion that it was Texas Dolly himself who very much wanted to have intercourse with Elizabeth. However, Brunson was fast in denying the whole thing by saying: “Gambling 911 had it wrong about me voting you #1 fav for sex. I didn't vote, but I can't argue with so many (5300) voters:),” he explained himself again on Twitter.

Is Big Papa dreaming of having sex with Shannon Elizabeth or not, doesn't really matter as now everybody knows that at least (!) 5,300 people are. However, these are just poker fans following Brunson on Twitter, we're sure there are millions out there who would vote the same way if given the opportunity.

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