Fake Micon On Twitter, 4/20 Is Here, NWP Radio On Wednesday With Surprise Guest

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Ok so this Twitter thing is really catching on. So much so that there is a Micon impostor on Twitter! twitter.com/bryanmicon is the real Micon. I needed to post this to set the record straight and prove to Twitter that I'm the real me. Fake Micon has rolled up quite an impressive following, almost double real-Micon as of this posting. I'm sure he had an amazing rolling planned for the future. Sorry we won't get to see it. In other news fellow marijuana lover Asher Roth's new album drops today, and I just know this kid is going to blow up to legend status, even though he is pretty much already there with the College hit. :sweetblog and listen up to NWP Radio this Wednesday where we will have a special guest or two.