PokerStars Launches New Site: PokerStars TV

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PokerStars has launched a new site: PokerStars TV. The site offers live webcasts of major poker events as well as a substantial repository of poker related videos for any-time viewing. PokerStars TV will essentially function as a “YouTube of poker,” featuring an eclectic collection of footage from PokerStars-sponsored events, as well as video-updates on Team PokerStars players.

The site, currently in the beta-testing phase, is located at PokerStars is encouraging players and fans to check in as development continues.

It will actually be pretty decent to have a single web destination dedicated to poker footage and live coverage – no more flipping through television channels in hopes of catching an update.
PokerStars TV

The PokerStars TV site looks to be user-friendly and easily navigated. Click the “Channels" tab at the top left of the page to access a list of what’s playing; choose from major events like the European Poker Tour, interviews, and candid shoots with your favorite poker celebs. Click the “Team Pokerstars Pro” tab, and find a filter-able list of PokerStars Team members, each with their own “channel.” The cast includes Luca Pagano, Daniel Negreanu, Noah Boeken, Joe Hachem, Vanessa Rousso, Greg Raymer, Katja Thater, Isabelle Mercier, and Chris Moneymaker. Catch all the live-play videos, instructional comments, and behind-the-scenes peeks, as well as alternative categories like "Sweat the Hand," and "Fun Stuff."

There are over 500 videos already viewable on PokerStars TV, and more being added daily. All the videos are in English, but Stars has announced plans to launch video libraries in other languages as development continues. The live feeds are more international; this week, coverage of the EPT Grand Final is being broadcast in six languages – English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch.

An cool feature of PokerStars TV is that as a registered user, you can e-mail the video links to your friends, and a single click gets you the code needed to embed your favorite vids on other websites. You can also create your own “channel” which becomes a collection of your preferred videos and live coverage. On your first visit to PokerStars TV, be sure to check out Daniel Negreanu’s video tutorial for instructions and an overview of site content.