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100% of your first deposit up to $600:


Pokerstars marketing code

POKERSTARS MARKETING CODE UPDATE 3/15/2010: Micon here to tell you all that right now you need to use Pokerstars Marketing Code = NWPOKER. This is very important that you act today with this Pokerstars Marketing Code so you DON'T GET SHUT OUT

This Marketing Code is used to new PokerStars account. It is easiest way to get more money on first deposit. First deposit with PokerStars Marketing Code: NWPOKER will give you extra $50. You will get them as soon as you collect first 500 frequent player points. These points are earned quickly when customers play at any real money table at PokerStars. This PokerStars promotion is used first time, and now is the best time to joint this biggest US-Friendly Poker Room with NWPOKER marketing code.

Pokerstars has big freerolls that lets you earn more than you can imagine! Practice your poker skils by playing with real money and join to pokerstars with our pokerstars marketing code : NWPOKER to win the main freeroll tournament.

PokerStars Marketing Code: NWPOKER

PokerStars now has TWO codes for you to use when you first sign up. Be sure to use both codes; the code you use when you first register (the marketing code), and a second code for when you make your first deposit (the bonus code).

You must enter the Marketing Code upon registration and Bonus Code upon deposit

Here at, we have our own marketing code for PokerStars, which will entitle you to a goody-bag of extras unavailable to other new players. Use the NWP marketing code and gain VP entry to full roster of PokerNews freerolls to great events like the WSOP, Aussie Millions and EPT. There is also a distinctive line of cash freerolls to give your bankroll a serious boost when needed. PokerNews freerolls run throughout the year, and if you use our code when you first register at PokerStars, you'll be able to enter any of the current or future freerolls; your access is not limited to one month – you’re in forever. This is a truly awesome package and we urge you to use this code when you sign up.

Ensuring your place in the PokerNews exclusive freerolls couldn't be easier. Enter the PokerStars marketing code: NWPOKER when you register for the first time and that's it - you're gold. The diagram on the right shows you exactly where to enter the Marketing Code. This is the second screen you will come across in the registration process - don't pass it by and miss your chance to join PokerNews at some great events - absolutely free. Convinced yet?

More information about freeroll tournaments click here:

PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker site, is releasing its long awaited Mac software (now in beta-stage*). The native OS X version is fully downloadable, as opposed to being an online web browser client. Obviously this is lauded by Mac users since download versions typically run better and have more features then java web browser poker rooms.

Pokerstars Marketing Code: NWPOKER

Pokerstars marketing code for 2008/2007/2009/2010 years: NWPOKER PokerStars marketing code in other languages:

Code Marketing PokerStars: NWPOKER
Marketingcode PokerStars: NWPOKER
PokerStars Código Promocional: NWPOKER
PokerStars Kod Promocyjny: NWPOKER
PokerStars Codice Marketing: NWPOKER
PokerStars Marketingcode: NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampanje-kode: NWPOKER
PokerStars Codigo Promocional: NWPOKER
PokerStars Marknadsföringskod: NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampagnekode: NWPOKER

Bryan Micon answers your questions about PokerStars Marketing Code: NWPOKER

Hello all it’s micon here (yes they guy from the WSOP that did a thriller dance) and man I must tell you about the pokerstars marketing code. This is serious f****g business now, and due to the current Lithuanian overlords I am forced to write some ridiculous stuff on this crazy ass page about poker stars marketing code. Some would say that this pokerstars marketing code 2008 page will sound like shenanigans, but I say you come to NWP for the best pokerstars bonus code you will ever find.

1) What site is Micon talking about? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

I am of course talking about pokerstars and their lovely pokerstars reload codes. I’m not at all going to be discussing a valid playersonly promotion code, full tilt poker bonus code 2008, a betfair bonus code, or a bodog deposit bonus code. This will be strictly concerning the pokerstars marketing code.

2) Why is Micon writing about the pokerstars marketing code? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Because he has been forced to by Lithuanian overlords. They literally have his mind cluttered with words like absolute poker bonus codes, absolute poker deposit code, and even shit like cake poker first deposit code. It’s completely retarded, I know, but they keep forcing me via skype to type bugsy’s club code and shit like that and I can’t stop them. Complain to Tony G if you want.

3) How big is Pokerstars? How good is their poker software? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Their site is so insane big they have 130,000+ players on there each weekend as of this shenanigans writing. The site is sick, they have easily the best poker software around, and they are 100% pokerstars deposit code sure that your money is safe.

4) Does pokerstars bonus code no deposit make any sense? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Not as much as facebook poker codes do. Here is the rub: I want to say “Pokerstars marketing code” as much as possible. Don’t worry that it makes little to no sense. This shit is written for a computer to look at and see bodog casino latest code 2008, and then be done with it

5) What about freerolls? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Well, no you are talking about something I love. If you are playing freerolls on Pokerstars be prepared for huge fields and lots of disappointment – even when you win! Imagine beating a 10,000 person poker tournament field and having a huge $40 or so as your reward – head over to and begin the slow process of killing yourself.

6) Tony G is rumored to say “Pokerstars marketing code” each time he takes a dump – is there any truth to that statement? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code


Tony Gouga has been known to send them on their bike, bring on more Russians, and occasionally when he is tweaked out on meth he will say pokerstars marketing code.

7) What limits and stakes (not steaks) are on Pokerstars marketing code?

Pokerstars has infinite stakes, from .01 / .02 (that is one cent two cent!) all the way up through nickel-dime poker, they don’t have “strip poker” but they do have 100-200 no limit, also known as $100-$200 non limited San Antonio Texas hold on to them until the end.

8) What if I’m looking to blow my wad on Tournaments @ Pokerstars, using their marketing code? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Well now you are talking my language. Why do you even think I have to write “Pokerstars marketing code” in the first place? It’s because of their MTTease, also known as poker tournaments. They are f****g amazing. Sick prize pools, and sicko players like Kevin “BelOwAbOVE” Saul, and Annette_15 who I just want to fill up her 3 holes like the filthy little slut that she is. If anyone really ever reads this part know that the previous sentence was just to amuse you and so I can say poker code.

9) How is Pokerstars’ support? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

After you have signed up with Neverwinpoker’s own POKERSTARS MARKETING CODE then you will be on your way to chatting with Pokerstars support about any issue you may have. Now in all seriousness, they are the best in the business. I have never had an issue that ‘Stars support hasn’t handled with swiftness and grace. The reply very fast to email and will send you to the WSOP, yes the world series of poker, if you just use their 100% deposit code pokerstars and of course win a $10k seat.

10) Micon, why don’t you write more sentences about the pokerstars marketing code? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Fine then, I’ll write about the pokerstars marketing code. I’ll do it more, until the Lithuanians’ whips are worn to nothing more than a soft nub. Pokerstars marketing code indeed. The utmost of all the code’s out there, obv used for marketing… pokerstars

11) Did you hear they have Sit and Go’s (SNG / SNG’s) ? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Why yes I did! I have even played them many times! I wonder how I could possibly find any sort of a way in this f****d up shitfest of a document to say pokerstars marketing code any more! OH MY GOD JAY BILAS I JUST DID IT! I am the f***ing man at this website stuff. F**k sit-n-go’s, f**k cash games, I’m just writing pokerstars marketing code over and f****ng over again until I am rich like Auranag Dikshit. That’s right, he started Partypoker, but his name is still DIKSHIT.

12) Micon, you seem to be going crazy about the Pokerstars Marketing Code? @ Pokerstars Marketing Code

Dude, that’s not even a question now. I of course am going quite nutty over this and sportsbook deposit code, and wsex bonus code, and full tilt poker bonus codes.

Important! You must enter the Marketing Code upon registration and Bonus Code upon deposit.

Code Marketing PokerStars - NWPOKER
Marketingcode PokerStars - NWPOKER
PokerStars Código Promocional - NWPOKER
PokerStars Kod Promocyjny - NWPOKER
PokerStars Codice Marketing - NWPOKER
PokerStars Marketingcode - NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampanje-kode - NWPOKER
PokerStars Codigo Promocional - NWPOKER
PokerStars Marknadsföringskod - NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampagnekode - NWPOKER

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Code Marketing PokerStars - NWPOKER
Marketingcode PokerStars - NWPOKER
PokerStars Código Promocional - NWPOKER
PokerStars Russia
PokerStars Kod Promocyjny - NWPOKER
PokerStars Codice Marketing - NWPOKER
PokerStars Marketingcode - NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampanje-kode - NWPOKER
PokerStars Codigo Promocional - NWPOKER
PokerStars Marknadsföringskod - NWPOKER
PokerStars Kampagnekode - NWPOKER

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You have converted me to the

You have converted me to the assignment help ways of pokerstars marketing code, and my life will never be the same again.
assignment writing

Interesting! Many thanks for

Interesting! Many thanks for the code. I'd like to play it. Not long ago I watched the film A Big Hand for a Little Lady (downloaded it at shared files SE ). I'd like to learn to play very well. I guess it will give me some practice.

Boy, I ahd no idea that the

Boy, I ahd no idea that the Pokerstars Marketing Code was so exciting! But seriously, Micon, you have converted me to the ways of pokerstars marketing code, and my life will never be the same again. Sh1p 1t!!!!!!!11

I have studied pokerstars

I have studied pokerstars marketing code for a long time now. I wonder what will come next. I feel that if we all continue to tell everyone about Pokerstars Marketing Code = NWPOKER then things in general will improve.