PokerStars Bonus Code 2010

Hello, everybody,

i have the best news for you, PokerStars has now new bonus code for 2010 year.

'STARS600' is used for creating new PokerStars account.
also code 'NWPOKER' is used to get the first deposit bonus:

PokerStars Bonus Code:

PokerStars Marketing Code:

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Remember that it is very important to use our Pokerstars Marketing Code 2010, which is NWPOKER. Be sure to use STARS600 as a bonus code too to get the special 100% up to $600 bonus on your first deposit. You may wonder why your search for Pokerstars Marketing Code 2010 lead you here, and I tell you it is because Neverwinpoker is a premier site for online poker rooms, reviews and all the latest poker news. We wish you the best on your no-limit hold'em tournament and cash game play.

You already know that PokerStars is the best place to play. They are the most trusted, and now with Pokerstars marketing code 2010 = NWPOKER you can take full advantage of the site and the bonus code STARS600. I personally guarantee your success in recieving your bonus with our code.



PokerStars has confirmed it

PokerStars has confirmed it doesn’t matter if it is upper or lower case – so stars600 or STARS600 is also fine.