The Russian Bond Girl Launches iPhone Poker App

Anna Chapman
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you know the young and beautiful redheaded Russian spy Anna Chapman. The secret agent was arrested in the US earlier this year being charged with conspiracy and acting as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General. Anna and her 10 colleagues were then deported back to Russia in an exchange for U.S. and allied operatives.

What does this has to do with poker you might ask? Well, instead of going underground and avoiding all the unnecessary attention, as any decent spy would do, Anna Chapman decided to make the most of the situation and maintain her status of an international sensation, which she did. One of the means to do that appears to be launching an iPhone poker app. That's right – from now on, every iPhone user who also is (or isn't, it doesn't really matter) a poker fan can buy the Poker With Anna Chapman app at the Apple store for just $1.99 and enjoy playing against the “Russian Bond girl”. “The app appeared because Anna is a huge fan of Apple products,” says Angela Waters, the marketing manager for Zeda, Inc., the company offering the app. “She has been using an iPhone and Mac for quite a while and has recently got an iPad too.”

The application allows players to challenge Anna Chapman in a game of Texas Hold’em or Five Card Draw and get some special treatment in case they win. The advertisement of the app says that the winners will gain access to several aspects of Chapman's life including a special photo gallery similar to the one published in the Russian version of Maxim. Those successful in Anna's iPhone poker game will also become her friends on facebook and will be able to follow her up-to-date activities and get access to a special online blog.

Along with the spying scandal, Anna Chapman became famous for her nude pictures which spread in the speed of light all over the media including the newspapers and internet. Chapman also did some photo sessions for men's magazines like Maxim and Heat.

And here are some of Anna Chapman's pictures including those published in Maxim as well as some of the newspapers. Think of it as a preview of what you might get when scoring high in Poker With Anna Chapman on your iPhone.

Anna Chapman topless photos:

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