Poker website favorites

So you've decided to play online poker. And why not? Playing poker in the comfort of your own home means that you can win big tournaments in your pajamas, while surfing the internet at the same time. Aside from the few times when you might throw something across the room in disgust after getting rivered by a two-outer, there are so many more times when you can burst with joy, do a little dance, and say "That's right bitch!" without anyone being there to judge you. At online poker rooms you can play on more than one table at the same time too, so folding for an hour straight at one table doesn't always mean that you're bored out of your skull.

Being the enthusiasts that we are, we here at NeverWinPoker have our favorites, sites where we love to play and also where we have won the most money. These poker rooms have huge action packed games, and stand out as offering the most advantages for first time players, as well as providing the most opportunities to win big money. They are also some of the most popular sites on the web, guaranteeing plenty of action at any level of stakes, at anytime. Presented here are our 10 favorite online poker halls, giants in their industry, and very generous with the deals they have arranged exclusively through NeverWinPoker.

Just like with ice cream, if you're unfamiliar with some of these sites, the best way to find your favorite online rooms is to try out a few and see which appeals most to your specific preferences. Whether you want to run 10 screens at once or find tables with celebrity pros, with the great deals offered through our bonus codes, you can cruise through several and know that you were offered the best rewards just for signing up!

Before you deposit money into an online poker room you can learn all about the poker rooms with our in-depth reviews, and check out our exclusive deposit bonuses and special promotions for each site! For more resources on how online poker rooms work and run, and how different types of software and accessories affect game play, players can check out our explanation of poker games, or use the convenient FAQs section offered through each site.

With no further ado we present...

NeverWinPoker's favorite sites to win win win and occasionally lose:

1. Party Poker

Deposit Bonus: $50 FREE NO DEPOSIT

Bonus Code: NWP50FREE

By and large the most sophisticated site, and definitely the funnest to use, Party Poker earned the title of "Poker Operator of the Year 2009" by the eGaming Awards for its ingenuity and service. We here at NWP see Party Poker more like a party in your wallet, and everyone's invited! It's so easy to make money here that even a 10 year would be able to triple his allowance in a couple of hours, if it weren't illegal for minors to gamble. This is our favorite site, and needs to be checked out by anyone who's interest in playing online poker for the sake of winning. Party Poker is simply classy and fun, like an amazing video game, except that when you beat a level you get paid in real money!

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2. Full Tilt Poker

Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $600 Extra on First Deposit

Bonus Code: NEVERWIN

If Full Tilt Poker doesn't quite make it to our number 1 spot on this list, it will still have its collection of professional players (including Phil Ivy) that vouch for it as the best choice for playing online. With more celebrities than an issue of Hollywood Informer, Full Tilt Poker is the most reputable site and backs up the reputation with admittedly outstanding deals and huge games worth more money than you would know what to do with. Lots of hot freerolls, as the site caters to newcomers looking to vamp their skills and learn from the pros, either through the many celebrity player blogs, Podcasts, and Vodcasts available only through Full Tilt, or by sitting down with them at the same table and scooping a pot out from under them!

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3. PokerStars

Deposit Bonus: 100% new player first deposit bonus up to $600

Bonus Code: NWPOKER

If it were all just a popularity contest, PokerStars would take home the gold. This is the site with the most players playing at any given time, and for good reason. PokerStars gets a little nutty in its efforts to maintain its high membership, offering ridiculous incentives for players to sign up and win huge prizes with small buy-ins. Another reason the site is so popular is that PokerStars has produced several WSOP bracelet winners, unheard of players who learned through the site and beat out the pros! This has attracted many players who are all looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the high volume of traffic allows PokerStars to pass on bigger savings to the player, not to mention spend more money on research, design, customer service, and security.

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4. Players Only poker

Deposit Bonus: 110% First Deposit Bonus up to $650!

Bonus Code: Use Our Link!

This site should be called, or maybe, because it stands out to us as having the most fish and the juiciest pots. This is no joke, even novice players will find that winning with the nuts has never been more profitable or easy. That's because Players Only also has a huge sports betting component where thousands of people sign up to bet on sports games or how fast a specific horse can run. After a match, the poker side tends to fill up with all of the winners who decided to spend some of their money trying a few hands, much to the enjoyment of everyone else at the table. There is so much cash floating around at Players Only that they have begun hosting tournaments with a guaranteed $5 million in prize pool money every month!

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5. Titan Poker

Deposit Bonus: 200% up to $500 first deposit bonus!

Bonus Code: NWPOKER

With monthly $1,000,000 guaranteed tournaments and weekly $250,000 guaranteed tournaments, Titan Poker does a lot to earn its namesake as a colossus in the online gaming industry. The fastest growing online poker room in Europe, Titan Poker has 45,000 players online during its peak hours, and also won the Best Online Customer Service Gold Award from Gambling Online Magazine. Signing up now with the NWP bonus code will net you $50 free for your first $50 deposit, as well as a 200% up to $500 first deposit bonus!

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6. Hollywood Poker

Deposit Bonus: An exclusive 500% first deposit bonus up to $500!

Bonus Code: PN500

Going for glitz and glamor, Hollywood Poker allows players to enjoy a room full of Hollywood celebrities like James Woods and Vince Van Patten, so players can feel extra smug when they scoop a pot from the stars of the silver screen. With $14 million in guaranteed tournament prize pools every month, it's like a big Hollywood nightclub party, only instead of massive amounts of cocaine everyone's just playing poker. Non-famous players get the red carpet too, with 4 free tickets to stellar tournaments for new players in addition to the outstanding 500% up to $500 first deposit bonus through NWP! Hollywood Poker is also one of the only sites that offers "green rooms" for players to meet and chat, as well as private tables so players can play exclusive games with friends!

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7. Bodog Poker

Deposit Bonus: NWP first deposit bonus of 110% up to $500!

Bonus Code: Use Our Link!

Another of the online gambling sites that offers sports betting as well, Bodog Poker rooms fill up with inexperienced fish pretty quickly, winners of the sports betting who know the difference between a "spread" and a "teaser", but who can't really tell the "nuts" from the "third-nuts". With a 110% up to $500 first deposit bonus through NWP, as well as several reload bonus deposits, Bodog is a pretty juicy place to spend some quality time making money online, and there is lots to be made, even if players don't want to risk a lot of cash. All new players are given 6 free entries to exclusive qualifiers for the $100,000 guaranteed weekly tournaments, and there are also several huge freerolls that take place every day!

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8. Absolute Poker

Deposit Bonus: 100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $1200!

Bonus Code: Use Our Link!

While it may not be host to lots of eccentric celebrities or have the most players online at any given moment, Absolute Poker is still a giant in the industry, like an shy younger brother who's actually really cool if you give him a chance to talk. Aside from the fabulous deals and unique "cash-back" system that returns the most money to the player's pocket, Absolute Poker is the most innovative online casino of them all, providing unique features that are still mostly unheard of through other sites. Players looking to customize their experience to their personal preferences will fall in love at Absolute Poker, which leads the industry in trend setting and technological advances. Some of the features include: Custom skins, registered in tournaments feature, multi-tabling support for up to 14 tables, custom Avatars, fold and show cards option, hot key buttons, rabbit cam, tournament list sorting, hand history instant re-player, chat bubbles, player notes, and Absolute Buddy – the handy tool for finding your friends. If you want to optimize your playing experience, Absolute Poker is definitely worth checking out!

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9. Ultimate Bet Poker

Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1,200 first deposit bonus

Bonus Code: Use Our Link!

Like a guilty child looking for forgiveness, Ultimate Bet is offering up some huge rewards for new players, like the extremely high cap of $1,600 for the 150% first deposit bonus through NWP. If you don't already know, UB decided to do a huge audit of its transactions a few years back, after it detected that someone may have been cheating by using previous software code. After assessing that the previous owners had implemented software bugs that allowed them to see other player's cards, UB refunded millions to all affected players, and overhauled their entire software. Perhaps in an effort to recapture the public's trust, UB now offers some stellar deals, like extremely high deposit and reload bonuses, above average refer a friend rewards of $75, and huge million dollar guaranteed tournaments. UB also now boasts that it has the very best online security, and there can be no doubt that the company has invested enough in security software to be the leader in its field. As if all this wasn't enough, professional poker players Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke have vouched for the site, and stand by it as the best online casino. Ultimate Bet is basically a company trying to prove itself by going all out to impress the player, making it a great place to check out and reap the benefits.

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10. Everest Poker

Deposit Bonus: First deposit bonus of $300 or $500!

Bonus Codes: PNEWS300 or PNEWS500

Everest Poker should be a familiar name to anyone who has recently watched the WSOP; it's the name brand imprinted on the felt where cards are exposed, and where monumental fortunes are won and lost. Everest is actually the first site to be allowed to advertise itself through the WSOP, although countless professional players have touted their personal brands on ugly hats for years. There is considerable prestige to Everest Poker, having been awarded "Poker Operator of the Year" and "Hotshot Operator of the Year" at the eGaming Review Awards in 2007. The 6th biggest site in existence, Everest Poker is a favorite for first time players, with great freerolls, extensive training manuals to improve your game, and of course the considerable deposit bonuses. The free $300 and $500 bonuses are earned through a point-earning system, with the smaller bonus being more appropriate for players who only wish to play occasionally.

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