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Active player - A player who is still in the pot. This poker term usually applies to one of the eight people still in a hand who are usually distracted by the colorful chips at the table and know nothing about what they are doing.

All-In - To have all of one's chips in the pot. This poker term is said loudly in order to appear cool but most of the time the individual comes off as a douche(as seen on ESPN).

Back door - Applies to a hand that was made in the last card or two. Most often applied to straights and flushes. These hands are usually made by donks, or donks in training. Also used to characterize onestepahead’s play due to his penchant for boys.

Bad beat - A very good hand, often a full house or higher, that is beat by an even better hand. One of the more popular poker terms, this is often said by donks who think they are slick and not raising their big pocket pairs in late position.

Bankroll - Current total gambling funds available. This poker term is often used to show one’s status in the poker world. Many members on NWP have their bankroll at zero, to which they resort to either begging or scamming other fellow NWP members with money.

Bet - To put money into the pot, maintaining a chance of winning the pot. Possibly the most used poker term at a table.

Big Slick - In Texas Hold'em, hole cards of A-K, suited or not. Usually treated as Aces post flop by donks who don’t realize that they only have Ace high.

Bluff - To make a bet or raise with a poor hand, in hope that the remaining active player(s) will fold. This poker term seems to be a addiction for many poker players who feel a electric surge in their rectum area every time they try it. Usually it is poorly crafted and results in lost chips.

Call - To put in to the pot the minimum amount of money necessary to continue playing. Usually is said without thinking or because he feels that a nine is going to pop up.

Caller - One who calls. After a bet there is usually 4 or 5 of these individuals, some who completed this poker term because they had two suited cards in their hand.

Chase - To continue in a hand, often at poor odds, in the hopes of catching a much better hand. This particular poker term is done by ALL DONKS, especially on PokerStars, where you are rewarded by playing an inferior hand with running suits so that you may complete your 9 high flush or straight.

Check - To bet zero, when it is legal to do so. This poker term is done by individuals who have complete garbage and are afraid to bet. Sometimes done to draw a free card for their hand which they eventually get anyway.

Check Raise - To check initially, then raise a bet made later on in the same betting round. Frequently a sign of strength, but may be a bluff. Usually executed by more advanced players

Community Cards - Cards that are available for every player to use in making a hand. Usually dealt face up somewhere in the middle of the table. This poker term has no effect on the typical donk because they will bet regardless of what three cards come.

Dead Money - Money contributed to the pot by players who have folded. This poker term is also applied to any body who sits in a game with Phil Ivey and isn’t an experienced player or have a proper bankroll.

Early Position - Being one of the first players to act in a betting round.

Edge - An advantage over an opponent.

Family pot - A pot where all of the players at the table are participating, even after each has had an opportunity to act. This poker term is usually applied to one out of every 3 pots that are played the 2/4 limit Hold em table.

Favorite - Before all the cards are dealt, a hand that figures to be the winner. This poker term has no relevance on Pokerstars because the favorite rarely wins.

Fish - A player who loses money consistently. This poker term can be used to classify about 85 percent of the people at any casino playing ? No Limit Hold Em.

Floorman - The casino representative in charge of the card room or a section of a card room. Resolves conflicts when unusual events happen.

Flop - In Hold'em, the first three community cards, dealt simultaneously. This is another popular poker term that is heard at a poker table.

Fossil - An elderly poker player. Ex: Doyle Brunson, Amarillo Slim and Todd Witteles.

Limit Poker - A poker game wherein the amount to be bet is fixed, or at most variable within a prescribed minimum and maximum. Sometimes played by people with limited bankrolls or people who cant take the excitement of No-Limit. Ex; Todd Witteles.

Live One - The best kind of opponent, a poor player with a lot of money to lose and in a hurry to lose it. i.e. Jewdonk. This poker term is often spoke by poker professional who enjoy these individuals company at the table.

Omaha - A variant of Hold'em where each player receives 4 hole cards and must use exactly two of them (together with 3 of 5 board cards) to make a hand..This poker term confuses a lot of poker players who are donks because they are so used to playing with 2 cards they end up calling anything and everything.

On tilt - Playing worse (usually, more aggressively) than usual because a player has become emotionally upset about a certain hand or incident. This poker term happens to most players who think that they should hit trips with their small pocket pair every time.

Position - One's location in the betting sequence, relative to the players still in the hand. First position is first to act. New players usually don’t care about this poker term because they are holding something along the lines of 6 4 of hearts and feel lucky.

Raise - To wager more than the minimum required to call, forcing other players to put in more money as well.

Rebuy - To purchase additional chips after an initial buy-in, usually after losing most or all of the previous buy-in. Usually there is a time limit as to how long rebuys are allowed. This poker term is definitely shouted as loudly as possible by many donks who swear that they “thought they’re 2 pair were good”.

River - The last card dealt in a hand of stud or Hold'em. This poker term is usually preceded by “ that f**ken” in order to describe the bat beat that occurred; most likely on Pokerstars.

World Series Of Poker - A series of several different poker games with relatively large buy-ins, culminating in a $10,000 buy-in no-limit Hold'em tournament, the winner of which is crowned the World Poker Champion. This poker terms is considered the holy grail for most poker players and is usually comprised of donks that end up becoming millionaires.

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