Poker Rules of 5 Card Stud Rules - Official Rules of Five Cards Stud for beginners

Poker Rules of 5 card stud

At one point, 5 card stud was the United States' most popular form of poker, played by presidents and featured in the movie The Cincinnati Kid. While its popularity in casinos has dwindled, it is still commonly played in home games and to a limited extent online.


All players must put an ante in front of them before any cards are dealt. Ante's are commonly 1/5 the bring- in, but vary from game to game. If you don't ante, you will not be dealt cards. The purpose of an ante is to create action, to give the players something to play for.


Every player is dealt 2 cards, one face down, and one face up. The player with the lowest card face up will have the forced bring-in bet. In the event of a tie for the lowest, the bring-in will be determined by the rank of the card. (The card ranks from highest to lowest are: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs). The person who brings it in will have the option of betting half the low bet size, or "completing" to the full bet amount. For example, if you are playing 4-8 stud, the bring must either put in $2, or $4.

Betting Rounds

After the bring-inhas made their wager, the betting continues clock wise from him. Every player has the option of folding ( discarding your hand to the center of the table), Calling ( placing a bet equal to the bet the bring-inhas made) or raising/completing. The amount you can raise is determined by the action of the bring- in. If he just put in the half bet, then the raiser may only "complete" the bet. Once the betting has been completed, all subsequent raises must be of the low bet size amount. For example, if you are playing 4-8, and the bring it puts in $2, the raiser may make it $4. If the bring-input in $4, then the raise may raise another for $4, making it $8. Usually, betting is capped at one bet, and three additional raises. Once all the betting has ended, the everyone remaining in the hand is dealt a card face up. The highest pair is then the first to act. If no one has a pair, than the highest two cards acts first, and may bet or check (Passing the action to the next player). If he bets, the next clockwise player can fold, call or raise. If the player checks, then the next player may bet or check also. This continues around, until everyone checks, or all bets are equal. Once betting has ended, a fourth card is dealt to everyone, face up. Then, the highest visible hand acts first, with the options once again to bet or check. However, on this round, the betting size has doubled. So if you are playing 4-8, if you wish to bet, you must bet $8, and all raises must be $8. Once the action has checked around or all bets are equal, the final card is dealt, face up. The highest visible hand acts first, and betting continues the same as the previous betting round, using the high bet limit size. Once all bet and raises end, the last person to bet or raise has the option of showing his hand or throwing his hand away. Then, every person still in the hand has the same option. The highest poker hand shown wins the pot. All five of your cards are used in the show down.

5-card stud variant, No-Limit and Pot-Limit. Occasionally, 5 Stud is played no-limit and pot limit. The only difference is there is a predetermined minimum bet, but the maximum is either a bet equal to the pot size (pot limit), or the size of the chips you have in front of you (no-limit).

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