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Kill Game Rules

Kill pot games are another variation of poker, commonly played in Hold’em and Omaha 8 limit games. They are played in either a Full Kill, or Half Kill variety. What happens is when someone wins two qualifying pots in a row in Hold’em, or Scoops both high and low in a qualifying pot in Omaha 8, the betting stakes increase for the next hand.

How it Works in Hold’em

The kill pot is a two step process in Hold’em. First, a player must win a full pot. The pot must be of sufficient size to qualify. In most games, this amount is 5 times the size of the big blind, before the rake. So for example, say you are playing a 10-20 game, then the pot size must be 50 dollars or greater. If a player wins the pot of this size, the “kill” button is given to them. The kill button has two typically bears the words “partial kill” and one side, and “kill pot” on the other. When you first get the button, the Partial Kill is turned upwards. Whoever has the partial kill button, if they win the next pot, and if the pot is of qualifying size, the next pot will be a kill pot. The player then must flip over the kill button, and the betting sizes (although not the blinds) double. Continuing the above example, the betting will now be 20-40. The blinds will put out their blinds as normal, but the player with the kill button will have to put out a 20 dollar blind. If the Kill Button is in either the small or big blind, they will put out the Kill Blind, instead of their normal blind. Action continues as normal, except the first player to act after the big blind must either call $20 (not the $10 blind), raise to $40, or fold. In some casinos, the player with the kill blind is given last action preflop (allowed to see all bets and raises before acting on his hand). If the player who is in the kill blind wins this pot, the kill will remain in effect, and the betting will still be double. This continues until a player other than the kill blind has won a pot.

How it Works in Omaha

In Omaha/8, the kill is slightly different. In this case, the player does not need to win two pots in a row. Instead, if a player scoops an entire pot (i.e. wins both the high and low half of the pot, or the high no low qualifies) and the pot is big enough size (usually 10 times the big blind), then the kill is on for the next hand. The same rules apply as with Hold’em. If the player continues to scoop pots, the Kill Blind will remain on until he fails to scoop.

Half Kill

Half Kills games are just like full kill pot games, except that the betting does not double, but usually increases by 50%. So if you were playing a 10-20 game with a half kill when the kill was on, the betting would be 15-30. In all other ways, the structure is the same as a full kill game.

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