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Double Flop Hold'em

Double flop Hold'em is a split pot variant of Texas Hold'em. All rules and procedures are the same for Double flop as they are for regular Hold'em, except for one major difference: there are two complete boards, two flops, two turns, two rivers. The pot is split between the top board, and the bottom board, and it is your goal to win both pots. You are dealt 2 down cards, as in Hold'em, and by the river you make the best five card hand on the top board, and on the bottom board. So, for example, you are dealt AQ. The top board is A 3 Q 49 and the bottom board is K J 10 8 4. On the top board, you have two pair, and on the bottom you have the nut straight. Once the betting has ended on the river, players show their hands and the best hands are determined for the top and bottom board. The pot is then split between them. If you have the best hand for each row, you will scoop the pot, winning all of it.

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