Poker Refugees Service Launched

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Are you frustrated with the US government for banning your favorite online poker sites? Tired of playing Zynga poker for play money? Would like to feel the excitement of real cash play again? Then we have the solution for you! Well, not we, but PocketFives do.

One of the biggest online poker communities PocketFives have recently launched a new service helping online poker pros and grinders relocate to one of three countries where they can play online poker legally and continue their poker-obsessed lives in peace. The service is called Poker Refugees and is run by a real estate businesswoman Kristin Wilson who is an American living in Costa Rica and therefor knows what it's like to come to a foreign country and try to adopt.

The list of countries that Poker Refugees serve yet only include three – Panama, Costa Rica and Canada. One-time relocation fee is $1,000. By paying this amount of cash the poker grinder becomes a Poker Refugees client and therefore receives a number of services and benefits.

These include:

  • Information on opening a foreign bank account
  • Access to a relocation specialist to answer any questions
  • Assistance on requirements to set up online poker accounts
  • Relocation to an apartment or home
  • An orientation guide to the country
  • Visa and tax information
  • Setting up a local internet connection, backup connection, and other utilities
  • Cell phone and SIM card
  • Contacting English-speaking attorneys and accountants, if needed.
  • Rates for various services, including a $500 discount for setting up a corporation, if recommended for professional poker.

Still, everything has a price – the poker relocation service US – Panama/Costa Rica/Canada costs $1,000 for 1 poker degenerate. If you come in a bunch, it's $750 per shark and if you're unfortunate enough to have a family (wife, kids, dog, etc) it would cost you $1,500 for the whole crowd.

Want? Go to (we can't believe we're actually urging you to go to some other poker site than Neverwin, but whatever, it's just this once), find the Poker Refugees tab and follow the directions. We are not responsible if you get screwed, we're just making the news.

And talking about leaving US to become a free and independent poker grinder, Justin Bonomo's facebook just announced that he's going to Malta – the place where online poker is 100% legal and poker maniacs can play as much as they want and make a living out of it. Bonomo is also planning to play the WPT event in Malta on September 20th.

However, he is not the only and with the recent launch of Poker Refugees most likely not the last one of the poker pros to leave US and settle in a more poker-friendly neighborhood. Vanessa Selbst, Mike "MeleaB" Brooks, Phil Galfond and Jon Aguiar have also moved out of the States to continue their carriers as online poker players.