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You may have spent many hours in a poker tournament or live game play and wondered what the odds were of a particular hand winning the pot vs. the hand that actually won the pot. Neverwinpoker has the perfect tool for you, the Poker Odds Calculator. You can even find out how strong your hand is against an entire field or a few players or even heads-up using the poker odds calculator. Simply fill in your cards and your opponents’ cards to find the answer.

The poker odds calculator displays percentages showing your chance of winning and it is calculated by simulating millions of poker hands giving an accuracy of approximately +/-0.25 %.


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Internet poker  Us poker rooms Poker Odds Calculator has been dreamed up by our Lithuanian overlords in an attempt to teach the world to play online poker. In reality, most players are too stupid to look up the odds. But not a savy, smart, and special player like yourself. You are much better than those fish. Obviously I have no clue how it works so just click stuff and get it to work and give you poker odds and use that to stare at how bad a beat it really was.
Percentages showing your chance of winning are calculated by simulating millions poker hands giving to an accuracy of +/-0,25 %.

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Your poker calculator keeps freezing up in the middle of the hands and i don't know why