Not all poker junkies played their first game with loose change and folding lawn furniture, but some may remember the amateur basement games when the only suitable banking system involved using playmoney from the monopoly board. These days, even the most casual games can seem professional thanks to the abundance of poker paraphernalia, and everyone can agree that pushing your all-in across the table feels better when it's done against smooth green felt. It can even be the little things, like custom designed cards, or the satisfying toss of a weighted chip splashing into the pot. Every kind of customization is available these days for reasonable rates, and a game with more professional equipment adds a level of class to the poker action.

At NWP, we like to keep tabs on gear and accessories that are designed to enhance any type of poker play, and make our home games look like the set of the EPT at Monte Carlo. Aside from compiling your own perfect playlist of songs that occasionally sound like they reference gambling ("The Big Payback" by James Brown comes to mind), here is some of our favorite poker equipment, things that will interest anyone who enjoys playing poker, either live or online.


Probably one of the most common pieces of poker equipment is the poker chip. Most casino chips are clay chips, and if you want your poker stuff to seem legit, you can’t go wrong with these. Some casinos use ceramic chips, and they are also pretty good quality with a nice feel to them. Both kinds of poker chips are available for purchase online, and some companies will even put your name or special markings on them for you. If you’re on a budget when it comes to poker equipment, thin plastic chips are usually available at your local convenience store.

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If you really want to get a deal for your poker equipment, poker sets may be the way to go. Poker sets are basically a small supply of poker stuff, with poker chips, poker cards, a button, and a few extra things depending on the poker set you buy. Some have timers, most come with nice cases to hold the poker chips, and usually a few decks of cards to go with it. Poker sets can be found all over, from game stores, to online stores, several even endorsed by your favorite poker players.


Poker players do a lot of sitting around. Luckily for you, one piece of poker equipment that’s really improved over the years are poker chairs. Long gone are the days of uncomfortable folding metal chairs, and now you can add both style and comfort to your collection of poker stuff with the different poker chairs available these days. Poker chairs are available in leather, suede, plastic, and just about any other kind of material, and many websites will even custom make a poker chair for you.


Poker tables are the pinnacle of poker equipment, and the crowning jewel in any player’s collection of poker stuff. If you’re looking to make a good investment and impress your friends, there are several styles of poker tables available online. Made from all kinds of woods, sturdy, with beautiful felt of various colors, poker tables can come in several styles. If you can’t yet afford a full table, there are also portable poker tables. This kind of poker equipment is basically a felt covering which can be placed over a table at your house to transform it into a poker table.


You can’t play poker without cards, and the most basic of poker equipment will be the deck of poker playing cards that you use. There are two widely available types of poker playing cards, paper or plastic. The paper ones are actually coated with a little plastic, and are cheaper than the plastic ones. You can find these almost anywhere, including online and at your local grocery store. If you want your poker stuff to last, try the plastic poker playing cards. These are durable, can be cleaned, and also handle a lot better. Also add a little fun to your poker stuff, and keep the dealer from wrongfully mucking your cards by getting a card cover. From a custom chip, to elaborate poker celebrity bobble head dolls, you can find card covers in literally thousands of designs to fit your personality and table image.


With the explosion of poker’s popularity in recent years, some pieces of poker equipment you will find pretty easily are poker books and poker dvds. Every bookstore has a section of poker books to add to your poker stuff, and poker dvds and books are both readily available online. If you have a favorite poker player, odds are he has a poker book or a poker dvd out.


Poker equipment is getting more advanced all the time, and poker software for your computer is getting better all the time. There is poker software available that will allow you to keep track of your stats, keep track of your opponents stats, review hand histories and much more. Some poker pros like Bryan Micon have poker software where they personally tutor you, like the Micon System, which has specific tournament advice.


If you’re the hands on type of guy, then you could actually make some poker equipment. Poker table plans are readily available online, and a lot of sites offer free poker table plans. All you need to do is find the equipment and follow the instructions. It’s your poker stuff, so you can even tweak the poker table plans to make a table more suited to your own style.


More poker stuff then poker equipment, poker art and collectibles will show off your true personality and hopefully make an impression on your friends and opponents. Wether it be the age old dogs playing poker type of wall art, artwork produced by professional poker players, or even poker wallpaper for your computer like the ones available at, you will probably find your poker stuff growing every year because of the different types of poker art and collectibles you’ll find.