Poker Books: No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice

No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice


2006, by David Sklansky and Ed Miller
Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1-880685-37-X
Pages: 317
Price: $29.95


This book addresses a niche that has been widely ignored among professional poker writers: complex concepts and theory in no limit cash games, specifically big bet Hold'em. Sklansky does not disappoint – his reputation for writing the poker books providing the deepest analyses and most comprehensive strategies is well-earned. No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice is not an easy book to read by any means – you will have to put on your thinking cap and set down your highball - but much of the analyses and in-depth strategy are indispensable for the poker player looking to move up stakes and tackle the big boys. Again, this isn’t light, breezy fare by any means – reading Sklansky & Miller is work.

Some may argue the difficulty of the read invalidates the value of the insights, but this reviewer would advise using No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice as a study text, rather than a weekend read.

The serious poker player will find a plethora of high level strategy not found in many other poker books. If you are serious in your resolve to practice and improve your no limit Hold'em cash game, this is the book for you – just be prepared for a bit of intensive labor to get what you came for.