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Rushstreet07 from 2+2 wrote: I have been a member of Pocketfives since I started playing online poker, I had over 1200 posts there. PocketFives just banned me over the UB issue I started a thread on Pocketfives and asked if they have information that we don't have regarding UB, IOTW - giving them the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't promote UB given what is known *unless* they had information that proves without a shadow of a doubt the company is under new ownership - I went on to say that if they did not have proof of new ownership I would be very disappointed they are promoting UB (basically every page you click on has UB link right at the top of the page)... well the thread was very quickly deleted... next thing you know I receive a PM threatening that I will be banned if I talk about P5 and UB... it says P5 can run its business any way they want and basically mind my own business or prepare to be banned... well I could care less about being banned from a site that will accept dirty money to promote a dirty company like UB... I made a post to that affect and was immediately banned. No big deal, its clear to me that Adam and P-5s have sold out. Receiving advertising checks from UB is more important than finding the TRUTH and protecting the integrity of the game we all love. Truly sad IMO, but perhaps not to them. They are the ones who have to look at themselves in the mirror everyday and maybe they believe they are not doing anything wrong. I strongly believe that if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem. Not sure how pretending everything is ok, back to normal and actively encouraging people to play UB right now is part of the solution. Instead it seems as though companies like P-5 and CardPlayer, and people like hellmouth and Annie Duke just think this will all blow over and go away...that line is -EV IMO. We cannot let this situation be swept under the rug, we must receive full disclosure and there must be consequences for the people behind this. As I write this and as long as PocketFives continues to promote UB - absent of full disclosure and proof the crooks and former ownership are no longer part of UB - PocketFives is part of the problem. Its the arrogance of the people that continue to stand by UB in the face of overwhelming evidence they are still lying - that only adds fuel to the fire and will continue to energize those of us in pursuit of the truth. I am not sure we have even scratched the surface as to how deep this scandal runs. There are a lot of individuals, groups, companies and organizations who are very quiet and simply want to ignore this scandal and pretend it didn't happen... furthermore, judging by the threats and knee jerk reactions of many - its clear that a lot people are scared out their ass right now and want this to go away. My question is why? pretty sure the answer is obvious. Resource from http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=252459