Open Face Pineapple – the Next Big Poker Hit?

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When in 2000s Texas Hold'em replaced Sven-Card stud in the ranks of the most popular poker game, it seemed that there was no way for it to go down in the near future. And it didn't – up to date Hold'em is still the major trend in poker and no other game can even compare to its numbers.

However, the outburst of online poker has not only created a highway for the game to the masses, but also increased the variety of poker supply. Now poker is mostly perceived as a lifestyle of the young, smart and ambitious players who spend many hours at the online tables every day.

With more than 90% of the games featuring Texas Hold'em, the novelty-driven poker crowd is constantly searching for ways to spice up their game. This was the reason why Omaha gained popularity in 2007 and since then has taken the place of poker's #2.

However, it feels like there's a very strong opponent growing really fast and looking to take over Omaha's place and maybe get even bigger. In January 2014, the World Series of Poker $50,000 Poker Players Championship Event winner, Matt Ashton told Lee Davy in an interview on that although Omaha Hold'em has maintained its position in the poker community for quite a while, there was another poker variation gathering its fan base very fast.

“Is Omaha number 2? Well it has been for a long time, but it feels like Open Face Chinese (OFC) is taking over that honor. I’m not he best judge of how accurate that is, but it feels like it when I am in Vegas, or when I am with US guys on their phones. I believe that the lack of online poker in the U.S has really improved the popularity of the OFC app,” Ashton said.

And indeed all the signs show that Open Face Chinese is quickly becoming the next big thing in poker. What started as a fun and highly venturesome poker adventure for the elite players in 2012, has fast become the most wanted game by the constantly growing number of poker maniacs.

OFC apps and free games began to spread among players, but it wasn't until the end of 2013 that a poker site offering real money games had emerged. And it was none-other than the notorious poker pro and businessman Tony G who launched the OFC app.

On December 11th Tony had announced the news on his blog about his own online gaming company TonyBet introducing the first global real money OFC poker site, Tonybet Poker. The site not only introduced real money play, but also features SnG and Multi table tournaments as well as all four game variations: Pineapple, Turbo, Regular and Classic.

However, it seems like Pineapple Open Face Chinese is the one game which is adored by the poker community the most. Will it become the next big thing in poker? It's too soon to tell, but it definitely has the potential.