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NWP Team

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf

Lifetime Winnings: $798,523 *
2008 POY Rank: 3927
Most Recent Cash: $14,438 : Event 25 - World Championship Heads Up No-Limit Hold'em

the icon

Bryan Micon "The Icon"

Lifetime Winnings: $243,183 *
2008 POY Rank: Not Ranked
Most Recent Cash: $1,533 : No-Limit Hold'em Event 44


Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles

Lifetime Winnings: $709,016 *
2008 POY Rank: 2226
Most Recent Cash: $12,472 : Event 41 - Mixed Hold'em


3 WSOP final tables and one helluva good run in the 2005 Main Event. Dustin can usually be found in the highest limit cash games all over the internet. His tournament success comes from years of studying the game and the ability to switch it up and play many different styles.

Dustin's Cardplayer Database Entry

The newest member of Team NWP to blow up, Micon had an impressive run in the 2006 WSOP. A final table in event #31 and 63rd in the Main Event this year made for a nice $200k+ score in Vegas this summer. Micon can be found in the biggest internet MTTs on a daily basis.

Micon's Cardplayer Database Entry
Micon's IPOTY standing @ ITH

A limit hold'em cash game specialist at heart, Todd burst on the tournament scene with a feat never before seen at the WSOP: In his first 2 WSOP tournaments ever he finished 3rd followed by a 1st - a feat that will likely never be broken. Todd is the proud owner of a WSOP bracelet won in the 2005 $3000 limit hold'em event.

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Team NWP currently consists of Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, Bryan Micon "The Icon", and Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles. We also have 2 up and coming associate members of Team NWP. Team NWP can be seen at the major poker tournaments around the world and of course the WSOP each year in Vegas. While the 3 members of Team NWP are certified ballers, we are seeking a sponsor! So if you have a next-level business and want your name associated with Team NWP get in touch with Micon.

"Macon" Marc Hodge:
Is Team NWP's resident sidegame specialist. His abilities on the pool tables (both online and live) are only matched by his Roshambo and Golden Tee skills. Well versed in all of the degenerate arts, Macon Marc is a poker theorist too with his ITIE (implied table image equity) theorey.

Christopher Leland Eversole:
Is a machine - a game playing machine. The current reigning Golden Tee world champion also cashed for $34k in the 2006 main event. One half of "The Cold Call Show" on NWP Radio, Sole will be pwning everything pretty soon. (He's blowin up in like, 2 months)