The NWP Ultimate Challenge

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Who can make the most money in sign up bonuses for the month of April. Click the orange button that says play poker! Create new accounts at every site listed, and start making free money today. Post all your account names, which sites, how much of a bonus was collected, and your wins/losses for each site this month. Top money winner will win 2 free entries into the bimonthly NWP tournies.



Re: The NWP Ultimate Challenge

Look up... look right... see the blue buttons at the top?

Home, Your Account, NWP Shop... keep looking right... all the way at the end... ORANGE BUTTON THAT SAYS PLAY POKER!

(p.s. - there is a slight chance, if you've been looking at NWP for over 6 months, that you may need to hold your shit & ctrl key and click 'refresh' on your browser. It's a wierd cache thing)

Re: The NWP Ultimate Challenge

My comp does not have a shit button lol

Anyways, I found it. I use a different theme than the theme, and there is no orange button anywhere.

Re: The NWP Ultimate Challenge

Where is this elusive orange button?