Pokerstars Hand #500,000,000 promotion: When will it happen?

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Pokerstars is giving away over $200,000 to celebrate their 1/2 billionth hand. (holy crap that's alot of rake!) Detals are here.

Now for the trick: how to predict when the hand will be so you can log on and try to get some free $$$...

doing a quick calculation by watching the current & last hand numbers for 10 minutes, I have figured that Pokerstars deals about 100,000 hands per hour. That being said they are on hand #494,055,696 at 2:31pmEST on Friday. Thus, we are roughly 50 hours away from the start of hand #499,000,000 which is the start of the prizes. Sunday afternoon is my early prediction.


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Re: Pokerstars Hand #500,000,000 promotion: When will it happen?

anyone following this, it's currently (1:15am EST)

Hand #498,952,000
Which means there's a little under an hour untill the bonus hands will begin


Re: Pokerstars Hand #500,000,000 promotion: When will it happen?

Sunday @ 2:52pm EST, Hand #497,815,438

That means: 3,759,742 hands delt in 48 hours 21 minutes (again, holy crap that's alot of rake)

or about 78,000 hands / hour. (less than the 100,000 / hour originally predicted)

so, with 1,184,562 hands to go, at 78,000 hands /hour, we're looking at 15 hours untill the hand, or about 5:00am EST Monday morning.

Re: Pokerstars Hand #500,000,000 promotion: When will it happen?

4:56EST, hand #494,274,188
so, that means that in 145 minutes they delt
218,422 hands, or 1,506 hands / minute or about 90k/hour. of course usage goes up and down depending on time of day, but the 100k / hr is about right. Sunday it is for start of bonus hands!