The money bubble in back to back events

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If I were trying to cash, I would have 2 cashed already. Im trying to make final tables and win tournaments. Now I know why I did so well last year. You dont get a lot of chips to start with, but if you can build a nice stack early, the fields are ridiculously weak. In the limit tourney, nobody knows how to play limit these days. The 6 max tourney I got my chips in with the other person drawing dead everytime I was all in. Boy was the 6 max tourney by far the most fun tournament I ever played. Constant action, and you can take advantage of peoples mistakes much more often. When the field was under 100 the tables definitely were pretty rough with 2 or 3 experts at every table. The person who wins the 6 max events in my opinion cannot be lucky, u have to be fuckin great to win one of those. My confidence is soaring and im playing real good poker. I need to make a prediction now, I will definitely make a final table this WSOP. Neverwin