"The Micon System" Drops Monday May 8th

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I asked the NWP community what they wanted to know about how to play MTTs, and I put it all in "The Micon System." Anyone who asked a question (a real question) will get a copy for free! The System is an hour+ long audio course and an MTT chart called "The Micon Strat Sheet." You all see me roll degenerates all day long, now learn how I do it!

Re: Micon System Stat Chart

Bryan when I downloaded the PDF file it says it's 3 pages but the second 2 pages are blank, ve deleted it and redownloaded it with the same results am I missing pages or what.I have been on the road without a computer since I purchased your system on Monday morning hope to use it tomorrow Friday as it is raining cats n dogs here so I can't play golf LOL.Noel

Re: Hi Bryan

I got an e-mail announcing your new poker strategy system.
Does you system also work on Doyles Poker room? Is this strategy also appliable on two table MTT's?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: What makes this system different from all the others out there??

Hey there Brian.  I have subscribed to many "systems" before and some of the them have worked out for awhile, but then stop working.  I am an avid live and online hold'em player and am always looking for a way to better my skills.  How is your system different from all the others out there?  What is the winning percentage on average?  Is it legal?  Just some questions that I am curious about.  I am definately interested in what you have to say.  Your history tells it all.  Please reply.  Thank you and keep up the good work.Jason Stevenson


Results for SNGs?  I don't play many sngs, but when i did for a
week I believe I squeezed out around 500 of them with around 10%
ROI.  Sample size not big enough, and the $500's are tough. 
I don't think my stats are up on Sharkscope or some of the other
"broken" databases out there.  I mostly play MTTs which is what
the system is about!


Thanks for clearing that up. Reason I asked is I play SNGs for bread and butter, but have trouble getting deep in MTTs. I'm always looking for ways to improve my multi play.


Hater... sure. Just wondering why you have great results for MTTs and not for SNGs, how about answering the question without freaking out.


He's a MTT expert. SNG's take a different skill set and I don't believe he's promoting SNG strategies with this system.


(who the hell are these guys?)


I dont think anyone knows, but at least they bashed micon.


Where are your stats posted?


Yes, i can't beat SNGs and only win on 'Stars.  What do u think I
make on Party?  UB?  'Dise?  ($7k from UB less than a
week ago)  lol @ the haters!  Hater in the house!


Yeah, Sharkscope says you can't break even at SNGs, can you explain?

Re: Micon System

Dude, no offense, but I think surgeons pull more than $40K/year. Your premise is tight, your posted stats are weak. First post.....sigh.