Luke Is Back, Micon on ESPN, Bet On Mansion

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I got a call today from Luke Ford of wanting some information on David Williams and his various porn based exploits. I of course told him all I knew on the subject. Turns out Williams is dating a porn star turned working lady Carmella Bing, which is why Luke wanted the back story. DON'T FORGET MICON ON ESPN TONIGHT BITCHES!!!1 And also if you haven't gotten your 100% free $1.1k to win $1k and you get your $1.1k back if you lose bet at Mansion, go right motherfuckin' now! The game is on Thursday you degenerate, so get the bet down ASAP.


Re: Luke Is Back, Micon on ESPN, Bet On Mansion

Hey Fella's Micon. I told you at the Wsop when you gave me a Neverwin hat I would sign up. Here is my first post. I bet sports professionally and that deal by Mansion was a great deal. There is many great deals throughout the year on the net but make sure you check to see if the site is ok. There is a few watchdogs out there like Magerwager, Gambling911, and Sportsbook review.
Cgrats Micon, on your Wsop Main event and your final table in the $2000 event. That was a event which I finished 92nd and you where at my table to see the beat. Also hi to UGA and I sure I met up with you guys online.