Why I Hate All of You Fishies

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You know who you are that piss me off here at NWP. If you post a hand history in the Shooting Off forum, you are the fishie I am talking about. Don't do that. Don't post any hand history ever in the main forum - I am moving all I see to the HH forum. If you have played a few million hands, you have seen every bad beat. If you haven't, you can imagine what it would be like. 95% of HH's are bad beats put on the author. They all read the same: Author has a very strong hand, donkey gets a card that was certainly still left in the deck that beats the author. Wow. You got a set cracked by quads, holy balls. If you have a good HH, that you want to discuss strategy with, toss it in the Secret Strategy Forum. Don't have access? Ask EnigmaMachine.


Re: Why I Hate All of You Fishies

actually you can't have a set busted by quads, for him to have quads its impossible to have a set, full house at least ;) SFO! nh fish.