So who is getting excited for WSOP 2006?

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"With the first event only less than a few weeks away, excitement is building up FAST! If you have been on a hot streak, you hope it will continue through this summer. If you have been on a cold streak, there is no better time than now to start heating up. If you are a professioal poker player, or someone aspiring to be one, the WSOP is the time to shine. Last year I was in a zone, I predicted 2 final tables, and I made two. This year I'm already in a zone. Neverwin will be bringing his A game to every event this year. I am well rested, and I will be ready to battle on the felt. I have no predictions, at least not yet. I have set my goals high, and have infintie motivation and confindence. I have no control over the cards, whatever is meant to be will happen, I have no expectations other than to play me best at all times. On a comical note, the buddha inside me is ready roll. Good luck to everyone and hope to see all you out there this summer having fun and making money. Oh yeah, the other reason I wrote this is make sure I can submit news now. There are a few other things I want to address, like Eso and "The Circuit". It's about time, you will be hearing from me more often on the home page. There has been so many times I wanted to make a home news article, and now can, sweet, only took 3 years! Dustin Woolf AKA "NEVERWIN""

Re: So who is getting excited for WSOP 2006?

"...other than to play ME best at all times." Didn't know you were Irish. Also, "...the buddha inside me is ready (to?) roll."


Re: So who is getting excited for WSOP 2006?

noose indeed, lol.