Controversy on NWP reaches new level

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Move over jennicide pics and pics of dick, this is one is more bizarre than anything ever seen on NWP before. If you thought this is place where the sickiet poker gossip is introduced to the world, even if the big names won't print it, congratulations you have come to the right website once again. Shocked, dumbfounded, slaphappy, jaw-breaking, utter awe, and boy do I have a good one for you. You want heads up advice, poker strategy, how to beat MTT's with the Micon System, Neverwin's combate the ultra aggressor Thereom, Dan Druff's how to be a millionaire and send a 40 dollar steak back 6 times.... Fuck no! You want the good shit. The holy shit you cannot be fuckin serious, that did not just happen kind of stuff. Look no further than right here at NWP!: So here's the scoop: I am in the waiting office at my denist's office in Beverly Hills, and who walks in? Fuckin Carmen Electra. I kid you not. Fuckin Carmen Electra. And right behind her, fuckin Dennis Rodman. Right there I knew what I had to do. Leave the office, come home, and immediately post this on the front page of NWP! Welcome to NWP