NWP Sold, Tony G In The Forums, MICON SECRETS

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So we sold the site... trust me it was a good play. I know I said I'd never sell the site and would one day take NWP to greatness, but it turns out I'm really lazy and a crazy Lithuanian came up to me with a lot of money and the promise of an NWP programming team that would obey my every command and a decent % of the profits the site will make forever. Basically I couldn't pass that up, and if you think this site is cool then holy shit wait 'till you see how crazy I get with it - NWP Blowin' up next month.

Now we should all welcome our new rich overlord, Tony G. Yup, that Tony G. Tony G owns most of Pokernews, and now Pokernews owns most of NWP. Tony is going to make NWP his home turf and of course some of you will hate - as I've said before I could post a pic of me surrounded by 6 hot chicks and a million in cash and someone from NWP would say that sucks.

Lastly, Be sure to check out Miconsecrets.com and listen to me an Gank talk about how much it's going to own.


Re: NWP Sold, Tony G In The Forums, MICON SECRETS

Well done sir.