NWP Radio pwns you all once again this Saturday!!! (2/24)

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Ok, I guess it's time for me to try one of these front page new story dealies. So what better topic for my first home page triumph than the announcement of a new edition on NWP Radio this Saturday night at 10pm EST! I will be great, while Micon will continue to work on "finding his niche" or so he says. He is still under the delusion that he can get Joe Rogan on the show, but since we all know that's gonna fall through I'm sure we'll have our usual cast of characters with an actual poker player mixed in here and there. Maybe Brandi will call in and she and I can chat again. I will be popping the top on a bottle of Crown at around 8, so if you're not out then please join us for NWP Radio this Saturday night. It's radio....all over your face.