Poker World Goes To Shit, Negreanu Finds God

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Read Dan Druff's post below about Neteller. I unfortunately completely agree with his assesment of the current Neteller issue. The filthy USA attacked Neteller in the only way they could, and they are for sure trying to kill online gambling in the USA now. Sucks. At least I didn't go completely crazy like Daniel Negreanu and post a poker blog on Cardplayer titled "Without God I'm Useless." Liiiiiiiiiiiil nice theological tilt. I was having a convo with my wife earlier today, as she has been reading about Mormons recently (easily the most fucked up religion... gold plates and seer stones) and I posed the question "has there ever been 2 people that saw god at the same time? why is it always just 1 crazy person?" Seriously, it's always just 1 crazy dude and sometimes he rolls a bunch of ppl into believing what ever the fuck is going through his crazy mind at the time. Next thing you know there are nicely dressed 20-somethings at my door with Mormon literature printed on the thinest paper ever and it looks like they hired a dude on acid to do the artwork.

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1) I'm sure as ***** not reading the whole book of Mormons. (Would you read a book about a crazy religion that I made up?)

2) Joeseph Smith was mother*****ing crazy like most ppl that say they saw god

3) I hate all religion equally, not just yours - but yours is particularly retarded

4) You don't find it slighly odd that your god decided to only speak to a crazy, poor farmer 1 time a few hundy years ago and won't like, you know, write accross the sky in fire "BECOME A MORMON Y'ALL!" Lemme guess - I'm supposed to have "faith" now? how much does it cost?

stop wating your life / money.

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Ill be the first one to admit that the Joseph Smith story can be a little hard to swallow. I am not trying to convert you or anyone. Im, infact, not what you would call a "model" mormon. Im just saying that just because god didnt appear to tons of people doesnt mean god didnt show himself to Joseph smith. Look at Jesus Christ, he rose people from the dead, walked on water, and did tons of miracles, and still, people didnt believe him. One of his own apostles gave him up...

Im also trying to say that there are a lot of religions that do good and 99 percent are trying to do what they think is right. But, can every religion be right? No way, All Im saying is that before you start to diss the Mormon religion is to get a bit educated. Seriously, read the book or mormon, and if you honestly believe that a teenager could write that (almost an iliterate one at that) Ill buy your micon system..

Also, half that you hear about the mormons is probably bunk or just plain old misinformation like polygamy. Mormons gave that up a long time ago, and the only reason that they took it up was that disease took a lot of men so that left a lot of single women with children. So, thats the reason for polygamy. Once it became illegal, The church stopped it.

Im not trying to convert you or anyone. Like I said before, I dont live up to the Mormon standards like I should. (Yes, I was one of those Mormon missionaries that wore a suite and tie and knocked on doors for two years in Spain.)

I just want people to get the correct info about mormonism, not just one liners....

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Micon reading the book of mormon to get 1 sale of the Micon System 2 is -EV! Converting to mormonism and paying 10 percent in tithing every month is also -EV!!

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First off, Almost every religion asks for 10 percent, just not mormons. And I was trying to make a point with the reading the BOM comment. you dont have to pay 10 percent to become a mormon. If you want to enter the temple, you do, but thats it.. Oh, and btw, why wouldnt it be +ev to read the Book of Mormon? Also, how do I know it would be +Ev to buy his system?

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I want to be the token Neverwin Mormon... who is this poster above me trying to be claiming this before I had a chance! I am pissed. Seriously though I grew up in the Mormon faith and lived in Utah for most of my life other than living briefly in Los Angeles to go to school but currently I am back living in good ole utah and am actually close to the notorious recently publicised Polygamist border towns as well as the lovely prison facility that houses their leader. I think this should make me a very viable candidate to be the Neverwin Mormon. Also my ancestors had a stable of dime piece stripper wives.. well they werent really but back in the day they could have been. I can provide proof of this as well.

Religion and Mormonism isn't for everybody. It is a personal choice and I at this moment I have no desire to be involved in ANY organized religion. You find though within the religion there are certainly uptight types that have never been outside of the state in their lives and get offended over everything and also easier going types that can approach life with alittle bit of a broader perspective and sense of humor.

Certainly a lot of hypocrisy within the religion. I love hearing stories about missionaries getting sent home because they went to some butt***** middle of nowhere country banged some villager and came home with elephantitis of the testicles. I really think some poor missionary sitting on a 18 hour plane ride having to ask the stewardess for more ice for his swollen scrotum is not exactly how the church wants its image to be.