Neverwin Exits L.A. Classic WPT Event, Takes Doyle With Him

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Just spoke to Dustin, who said he exited the WPT event @ Commerce last night. He also noted that he knocked out Doyle Brunson before his departure. Doyle raised a few BB's pre-flop, and Dustin called out of the BB with Qs, Jd. Flop came down Kd-Qd-3d, Dustin checked and Doyle bet an almost pot-sized amount. Both players on a short stack, Dustin put Doyle all-in on the flop. Doyle quickly called an rolled over Ad-As. Dustin sucks out (suck outs happen in real life, not just on the internet) with an off-suit J on the river. Shortly after that Dustin found Q-Q still riding a short stack and called off against two players, and one of them got out to an ace. Nice try Neverwin, better luck next time! (P.S. Next time will be the PartyPoker Million [starts Mar. 19th] where I and Dustin will be attending and staying in the $5k pimp-suite. Thanks D!)

Re: Neverwin Exits L.A. Classic WPT Event, Takes Doyle With Him

I Been reading this site for sometime now and I would like to say I really enjoy it. And also would like to add ,bmicon your doing a really great job here keep up the good work.And I wish the both of you bmicon and especially Dustin the best of luck at the partypoker million.Joy :)