Mason Malmuth Orders Two Plus Two Moderators to Delete Strategy Threads

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***Micon's note: Check this Mason Malmuth deleting strategy threads link that has all the dirt. Two Plus Two has always been known as poker's best strategy forum. The site has built up a huge following of people who count on it for strategy advice/discussion, and owner Mason Malmuth has made quite a nice living from selling books to its users. So it was a shocker -- well, maybe not so much of one -- when it came out that Mason requested Two Plus Two's moderators to delete certain strategy posts that were deemed to have the potential to "damage book sales". He also put pressure on author Ed Miller to remove the free strategy content on his own site.

Can Mason do anything these days without trying to exert complete control over the poker community?

Hopefully they dont all come

Hopefully they dont all come here looking for access to the secret strategy forum and reading all the pearls of wisdom locked away safely in there.