New PokerStars and Sandra Naujoks Commercial – Banned

Sandra Naujoks
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Sandra Naujoks – the winner of the EPT Berlin in 2009 for $1,159,541 is not only one of the most successful poker players amongst women, but very popular among men poker lovers as well. Both beautiful and sexy, Sandra Naujoks attracts the looks of men in all the live poker tournaments she decides to play. However, Naujoks is not one of them pretty girls they put at the tables just for your entertainment, no, she's actually really good at poker.

A member of PokerStars team Germany, listed 11th in the women's all-time money list with $ 1,638,136 in carrier tournament winnings, Naujoks is that female player to watch both at and off the table. Although the biggest part of her bankroll was acquired in just one big tournament, Naujoks is no stranger in most of the big live poker events. She plays most of the major tournaments in her native Germany and Austria as well as other European events and even WSOP in Vegas. Naujoks can also be found online playing at the PokerStars tables.

Actually, it was the latest PokerStars commercial dedicated to the German market which had once again drawn attention to the sexy poker pro. Although the brutal video clip was banned from the German television, it is successfully spinnin' around the internet. The commercial also features a bunch of other German poker players, but Sandra Naujoks is definitely the main star of the short video.

So here it is, probably the most violent poker commercial ever made, so sick it even got banned from TV. Fortunately, thanks to the all mighty internet we can share it with you. WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised.

It is said that PokerStars is going around trying to destroy all the evidence of this video ever being made, so should our provided source be unavailable, just try googling “PokerStars banned commercial”.

And here are some nice and sexy Sandra Naujoks' photos, enjoy!

WOW she is so hot, never gave

WOW she is so hot, never gave too much attention until now..