Neverwin Poker's Fantastic Freeroll Picks for November 26th

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This week we've got three more exclusive freerolls running on three different online poker sites – Titan Poker, Everest and Lock Poker. Monday's much better when there's a $1,500 freeroll waiting for you on one of the world's top online poker sites – Titan. After some time of absence Everest Poker is hosting an NWP's special freeroll with 3 Lander Poker Tour Finale and $109 Sunday’s $50,000 Guaranteed tickets on the table. Lock Poker will give away $2,500 in cash to Neverwin players only this Tuesday, so if you're up for some free cash – now's the time to start playing those freerolls and winning, of course.

Titan Poker $1,500 Freeroll – November 29

The $1,500 freeroll runs the upcoming Monday as usual on Titan Poker. You don't need to make any money investments, pay for the entrance or anything like that. All you need to do is sign up to Titan Poker via Neverwin, become a real money player by making your first deposit and then collect 100 points to buy-in to the tournament – that's that. Sad news is that the $1,500 freeroll series on Titan will only last until the end if the year, which means there are not many chances for you to get that free cash prize left. Fortunately, Neverwin is working hard on bringing you the best-valued freerolls on the net, so there's gonna be plenty of free poker tournament action in 2011 for sure. And the last thing to know is that the NWP's special $1,500 on Titan Poker takes place this Monday night, November 29 @ 19:35 GMT.

Everest Poker €3,000 3 Lander Poker Tour Vienna Freeroll – November 30

Everest Poker freerolls are back to Neverwin! This Tuesday, November 30th Everest will host a €3,000 freeroll rewarding top 9 players with high-value tournament tickets. The first place winner will get a € 3,000 package to the 3 Lander Poker Tour Finale in Vienna! The package includes €2,200 tournament buy-in, 4 night double room accommodation for two in the Roomz Hotel and €300 travel money. All players ate the freeroll's final table will also receive $109 tickets to Sunday’s $50,000 Guaranteed on Everest Poker. So if you want to visit one of the Europe's most beautiful cities and play some live tournament poker, sign up to Everest poker now, make at least a minimum deposit and collect 25 summit points until the start of the tournament which is 20:00 CET this Tuesday. Both new and existing Everest Poker via NWP players are welcome to play provided that they've met the point requirement. The 3 Lander Poker Tour Vienna takes place 8th to 11th of December, so be sure you're available for travel during this period.

Lock Poker $2,500 Freeroll – November 30

Lock Poker continues providing Neverwin players with high-value freerolls, this time bringing you another $2,500 free online poker tournament and all you need to do is meet the qualification requirements – no buy-ins! Only those to download Lock Poker through Neverwin will be available to play this freeroll so make sure you do everything right. Sing up to Lock Poker via NWP, make your first deposit (if you're a new player) and collect 25 points. All the requirements must be met before the start of the tournament which is 16:05 EST this Tuesday, November 30. This $2,500 freeroll is a part of the NWP+LockPoker promo bringing Neverwin players loads of free poker tournaments and giving away a total of $22,500 in free cash just for signing up to Lock through By doing so you also get entitled for our special 200% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus! So don't miss your chance to get a bunch of free money for playing poker online.

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We would also like to remind you of two exclusive freerolls running on the world's largest poker site PokerStars in the month of December. To take part in these tournaments you need to meet the qualification requirements until the end of November. You can reed more about these PokerStars freerolls exclusive to Neverwin players in the November 19th edition of Neverwin's Fantastic Freeroll Picks.

PokerStars $15,000 Sunday Millions Freeroll – December 5

Requirements: PokerStars via Neverwin account, minimum deposit, 75 VPPs. Deadline – November 30th, 23:59.

PokerStars $2,000 PCA Monthly – December 13

Requirements: PokerStars via Neverwin account, minimum deposit, 35 points. Deadline – November 30th, 23:59.

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