Negreanu's new Girlfriend is Hot and Sexy!

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Although there had been many concerns about Daniel Negreanu's sexual orientation in the past, it looks like Kid Poker is very much into ladies. Neverwin Poker recently learned that Negreanu is dating this smoking hot Hungarian chick, Krisztina Polgár.

In 2008 she became 'Miss Earth Hungary' (we have no idea what does Earth have to do with anything here, but whatever) so she's a beauty with the certificate and what's more is that Negreanu is not the first poker pros she's dating. Her ex-boyfriend is the Hungarian PokerStars pro Richard Toth – he taught her to play poker and in a way is responsible for her current relationship with Negreanu.

“I met my new girlfriend at the World Series,” Negreanu said in an interview. “She plays poker too. She just came up, she was just saying hi, 'cause she knew some friends and stuff. So, we just started, you know, hitting it off, and she's super cool. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She was Miss Earth Hungary in 2008. She's there now, but I'm gonna go visit in a bit. You will like her, Mike. Her name is Krisztina Polgár.”

Polgár is actually a big celebrity in her home country – she won that beauty pageant three years ago and she's a recognized poker player. Yes, Negreanu met her at the WSOP tables, and although we have no records of her scoring any big cashes (or cashes of any kind for that matter), Polgár has recorded at least one money finish in her poker carrier which was $20,995 for the fourth place finish at the Unibet Open Event in Budapest last year.

Krisztina Polgár is not just an extremely hot poker chick, but also a model – her photos appeared in many popular magazines including FHM. She also won a number of other beauty contests and appeared in a reality TV show.

All we can say is – good choice Daniel, good choice. Here are some sexy Krisztina Polgár pictures, enjoy!

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