Negreanu: Duke is a f***ing c*** !

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Daniel Negreanu and Annie Duke were never close friends, in fact Kid Poker has made his feelings towards Duke quite clear a few times in the past, but the recent interview for the Card Player magazine was somewhat scandalous.

The topic which made Negreanu use swear words was the World Series ladies event where several guys decided to play. Daniel said: “What irked me is men playing, using tampons as card protectors, and Shaun Deeb wearing a dress. I like Shaun Deeb, though. He’s a good kid – I think he was just misinformed. But then Annie Duke sticks her nose out and says, ‘Good for you, men, standing up for sexual equality.’ What a load of baloney! They are not standing up for sexual equality. What irked me is that this woman has the audacity on her website to call herself ‘the best female poker player in the world’. So on one side of the coin she’s fighting for, ‘Oh, we’re all equal, there shouldn’t be any gender thing,’ but when appropriate she decides to call herself the best female poker player in the world. So I’m like ‘how offensive are you, you f***ing c***? You want to say you’re speaking for women, yet you claim superiority over all of them.”

This triggered debates in internet forums and poker news websites questioning whether Negreanu was right to talk trash about one of the most successful and most respected female poker players. Annie Duke, on her behalf issued an open letter in response to the reply that PokerStars have sent to one of their users when she complained about Negreanus' behavior. A PokerStars user known as PokerLawyer sent an email to their support team saying that “Negreanu's comment was offensive, insulting, and just plain wrong” and expecting PokerStars to “be coming out with a statement very soon about Daniel Negreanu's extremely offensive comments toward Annie Duke”. She posted the whole letter on her blog for everyone to read.

Here's what PokerStars wrote her back:

Hello ________,

Thank you for your email.
We are glad to hear that you are enjoying the Women’s Poker League and value
very much as one of our loyal female poker players.
Daniel and Annie are both passionate about poker, and both aren’t afraid to
speak their mind. I think this is a fact people like and appreciate about
both players. When you have two people that are similar in that regard,
there’s bound to be friction somewhere along the line.
Although Daniel Negreanu is a Team PokerStarsPro, he is an entity to himself
and as such will always be encouraged to express his views and speak his
mind as he would otherwise do so, PokerStars Pro or not.
I hope you will still enjoy watching both Daniel and Annie play as both are
fantastic poker players and an enrichment, on one way or another, for the
poker world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions and
thank you for choosing PokerStars.

PokerStars Support Team

The response was a shock to Duke. “It is no secret that Daniel and I don’t like each other,” said Duke in her blog. “But this is not about whether he has valid reasons to dislike me. This is not about whether he is right or I am wrong in the particular argument that spurred the comment. This is about treating people with respect and the use of a word that is abusive and demeaning to all women. When I saw PokerStars’ response to a customer who wrote in to complain about Daniel’s remarks, I was alarmed. I am shocked that PokerStars didn’t even distance themselves from Daniel’s comments in this response. In fact, they did quite the opposite.”

PokerStars then issued an official statement claiming that the response which PokerLawyer received “was a case where their staff member incorrectly speculated with personal opinion, and overstepped their boundary.” Annie Duke was glad to hear that: “I would like to thank them for coming out publicly saying they don’t support the use of abusive language. That is really all I wanted in the first place.”

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