Melanie Iglesias and Michelle Banzer Leave WPT Royal Flush Girls

Royal Flush Girls
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Hot Chick news! Unfortunately, this time it's quite sad – two of Neverwin's favorite World Poker Tour Royal Flush Girls Melanie Iglesias and Michelle Banzer have recently announced they're leaving WPT.

They say that both will be replaced with new hot and sexy chicks to entertain us during WPT events, but they will definitely be missed. Melanie Iglesias who was named Maxim's last year's Hometown Hottie informed her fans about leaving WPT on Monday both via her Twitter and Facebook.

Here's the full message: “To all of My Fans, I'm sorry to inform you that I have resigned yesterday and will no longer be part of the World Poker Tour. The tour provided a unique learning experience for me and I wish everyone the best with their future endeavors. I will not be attending any WPT events for the remainder of season 10 and on. I'll keep you all posted on the series I've been working on with MTV 2. Not to mention the 8 pages I just shot with Maxim Magazine in Hawaii! Thank you for the everlasting support! Xo”.

Not long after Iglesias' announcement her friend and co-Royal Flush Girl Michelle Banzer had also posted on Twitter she was leaving the Tour and the girls' team. Here's what she wrote: “After careful consideration I've come to a decision to officially resign from the World Poker Tour. It's been an eventful run. All the best”.

Another post following the news seemed rather related: “In the end, being true to yourself is the most important move you can make. I'd rather have that than all the fame & notoriety in the world”. However, we're not sure if leaving WPT was exactly the reason for tweeting such a deep thought.

Still, no matter how heartbreaking these news is for the whole poker community, the rest of the Royal Flush Girls will be joining us in all the upcoming WPT events. You know they're hot too and you will have a great view to enjoy while grinding at the tables.

And to thank Melanie Iglesias and Michelle Banzer for all the good times at the WPT, here's a bunch of their sexy pictures, enjoy!

*Photo courtesy of Maxim